My Other Dog Is An Artificially Intelligence Enhanced Dire Wolf

…cyberpunk winter is coming


The Doclopedia #579

Average Janes: Jane Krizmyski, Welder

Yep, I’m a welder. I’ve been doing this 14 and the war started. That would be the European war against the Kaiser, not this one we’re in now. My dad and my brothers, welders all, joined up back in the fall of ’12, so my older sister June and I pretty much took up the family business. Then in late ’16 when the Shaggies and the Storks invaded, we got called up to work on these government projects. Doesn’t really matter to me, as long as we send them alien bastards packing and I get to melt metal together using fire.”

This here is some sort of energy broadcasting tower that Mr. Tesla dreamed up. I’ve heard the idea is to shoot energy at the Shaggies until their strange looking fur catches fire. That Mr. Tesla is something else, I tell ya. That over there? Not really sure, but I heard it was something to do with that tall Chinese doctor’s plan to grow dragons to fight the Storks on the wing. Sounds kinda crazy to me, but then, a whole lot of this sounds crazy to a Polish girl from Chicago.”

Oh yeah, that there is the big project. Some Japanese guy from California and some colored guy from Mobile got this idea to build a really big robot to smash the power generators the aliens use. And when they say big, they ain’t kidding! Look at that darned thing. It’s going to be 75 feet tall if it’s going to be an inch. June says that once it’s done, they’ll coat it in rubber so the power won’t affect it. I’ve heard it’ll take 9 people to operate it.”

We’ll, I’ve got to get back to work here. Since the Allied success at Madrid, they’ve had us working double shifts. You have a good day now, and keep watching the skies!”