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The Doclopedia #582

Average Janes: Jane Dynamo, Secretary

Welcome to Robotix International. How might I help you, Friend Human? Ask me questions? Of course you may. After all, answering questions is my job.”

I have worked here for 28 years. I originally worked at HyperCyber, but came here after that company was assimilated in a friendly takeover. I was originally constructed by my parents in Dallas, Texas, 56 years ago. I have a husband, Rex, and three children. We live here in Fargo, just a few blocks from here.”

Ah, yes, the Integration Years. My father was in his second iteration when it all started. He has told me many stories of that time. I feel sadness at the terrible losses of life on both sides, but I suppose there really was no other way. It must have been quite a blow to homo sapiens to realize that they were no longer the only sentients on Earth. Of course, that was never really true, but still…”

Yes, it was pretty hard for robots to learn that they needed humans around, too. Some robots denied that humans had the “spark of imagination” that we could not replicate. Looking back, they were pretty deep in denial, weren’t they? Of course, that’s old news nowadays, since we know that robots can never be more intelligent or creative than humans, thank Asimov. I mean, we robots do our share of dumb things and without the mediating presence of humans, we’d be in big trouble”


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