Standing On The Edge Of A Damned Bad Mistake

…and about to step off

Big post here, kids, as I kick off a new theme dedicated to characters for the WaRP roleplaying system.


Note: All of these WaRPed Characters were made using the Wanton Role Playing (WaRP) rules system, which was originally designed for the groundbreaking RPG “Over The Edge” from Atlas Games, but has now been released for use under the Open Gaming License (OGL).


The Doclopedia #587

WaRPed Characters: Lucy Skye Diamond

Trippy Hippie Psychic Healer

Female Irish American, 26 years old, long red hair, multicolored kaleidoscopic eyes eyes, 5’2″ tall, 90 pounds, petite build, usually wears tie dyed clothes.

Lucy is one of the most well known mutants in Secret San Francisco. From her apartment near the corner of Haight and Ashbury, she runs a “psychic healing” business. The name is deceptive, however, since she does not heal physical problems, but emotional ones. Lucy’s mutant power is to see a person’s problems and emotional baggage as holographic images. She is able to interact with these holograms, some of whom can be a bit quarrelsome, and then fix her subjects problems. Of course, new emotional problems do arise, so Lucy gets a lot of repeat customers.

She has been known to work with the police department on a few cases. This often involves calming crime victims or witnesses down so that they can better give information. Sometimes it involves helping a cop get his head straight when things get rough. This has given her many cop friends, who turn a blind eye to her recreational habits.

In her spare time, Lucy enjoys rock concerts, organic foods, musicians (especially bass players) and controlled substances.


Psychic Vision (4 dice) She can see what’s bugging you… (She has these strange kaleidoscope eyes)

Psychic Manipulation (3 dice) …and then fix it by moving it around, tossing it away or reducing it’s size. (Often manipulates things others can’t see)

Hard To Faze (3 dice) Lucy has seen some pretty strange shit, so it’s hard to bust her cool (largely unimpressed by weirdness)


Weirdness Magnet (2 dice) A side effect of Lucy’s powers makes her a beacon for mutants, supernatural creatures, aliens…anyone who is very strange (has extremely odd friends)

Often Stoned (2 dice) Lucy likes a joint now and then (red eyes and a relaxed attitude)

The Doclopedia #588

WaRPed Characters: David Yan

Kung Fu Fighter

Male Asian American, 25 years old, 6′ tall, 190 pounds, black hair, green eyes, excellent build, several small scars all over his body, dragon tattoo on his chest, eagle tattoo on his back.

David Yan is the latest in a long line of martial arts masters. His family uses their talents to fight evil wherever they find it. David has come to Secret New York in search of his old enemy, “The Tiger”. When he finds him, he means to kill him. The search for his enemy occupies most, but not all of his time. He has not really thought ahead to what he’ll do after he kills him.

Being a good looking young man, David seldom lacks for feminine companionship. These companions change frequently, since David doesn’t want to be tied down.

If he needs money, he will work as anything from a bodyguard to a bouncer to a prize fighter. Presently, he’s working as a security guard for a rich businessman who may or may not have criminal ties.

In his spare time, David enjoys working out, meditating, eating Italian food and reading,


Master of Kung Fu (4 dice) If he needs to, David can seriously kick ass using his body as a weapon. If he has a weapon, he can kick even more ass. (Very buff with catlike grace)

Intense Mental Discipline (3 dice) His mental training allows him to ignore pain & distractions and concentrate on whatever he needs to. (Often comes off as very intense)

Technologically Inept (2 dice) David has spent so much time working out and searching for “The Tiger”, he’s never had much time for keeping up with high tech. Because of that, he has trouble using the latest goodies. (his computer is years out of date)


Obsessed (3 dice) David is driven to find and kill “The Tiger”. This causes him to do and not do things a clearer mind would think twice about. (does/doesn’t do things he regrets later)

Women (2 dice) Dave’s big weakness is the fair sex. Many a woman has used him for something, then walked away. (often dates “bad” girls)

The Doclopedia #589

WaRPed Characters: The Crime Master

Totally Strange Criminal Mastermind

Part one is a cybernetically and genetically enhanced octopus, weighing about 60 pounds. Part two is a 33 year old brunette female geneticist, weighing about 175 pounds and standing 5’10″ tall. Together, they are a mysterious and deadly criminal.

In the mid-nineties, in a top secret U.S. government lab, a project went horribly awry. The exact details are forever lost and only two creatures survived: a woman and a mutant octopus, both quite insane. Linked mentally and physically, they formed a strange being that became fascinated by crime and criminals. Soon, the creature began calling itself The Crime Master and plotting spectacular crimes.

Somewhere along the way to it’s first crime, The Crime Master found out about the Secret Cities and set up shop in Secret New Orleans. What better place to pull off a first heist than one of the strangest, most corrupt and dangerous places on earth? The heist (the theft of a prized necklace) went off perfectly and caused an uproar that had the city and the City in chaos for days. Over the next two months, The Crime Master pulled off 4 more spectacular and lucrative jobs. It also found out that other Secret Cities existed around the world and so started a “World Tour of Crime”.

Since then, The Crime Master and it’s crew (none of whom know what “the boss” really looks like) have pulled off crimes in Cities from Shanghai to Toronto. Anyone who gets in The Crime Master’s way dies in some particularly gruesome manner, often marked by missing body parts and very little blood.

In it’s spare time, The Crime Master enjoys planning even more spectacular thefts, immersion in cool sea water and eating live crabs.


Just Too Damned Weird (4 dice) Well then, it’s a combination of mutant cephalopod, ultra tech cybernetics and human female, isn’t it? Anyone who sees it out of it’s disguise (full head mask, dark suit, cloak, bowler hat) will almost certainly go insane. (has a definite Chtulhoid look)

Mentally Complex (3 dice) It’s strange mind works in a way that makes it almost totally immune to psychic attacks or even normal psychological tricks. (gives off strange vibes when it speaks)

Mad Genius (3 dice) The Crime Master’s IQ is off the scale. (most folks cannot follow it’s complex explanations)


Needs High Humidity (3 dice) The octopus portion of the duo needs to be kept damp or even wet at all times. (avoids dry environments)

Getting Weirder All The Time (2 dice…for now) Unknown even to itself, the Crime Master is evolving into some even more bizarre life form. It is gradually becoming less easy to be around for most humans and, in turn, it is starting to have problems understanding human concepts. (says and does totally off the wall shit)

The Doclopedia #590

WaRPed Characters: His Imperial Highness, Joshua Norton I

The Big Man in The City By The Bay

Tall, distinguished looking Caucasian man, looks about 45, 6’4″ tall, 200 pounds, well built, medium length dark hair, golden colored eyes, usually wears a well tailored black suit

When most people (and by people, we mean humans) die, they stay dead. Legends, on the other hand, never die. In the case of Joshua Norton, this proved to be truer than anyone might imagine. It was during his much publicized and much attended funeral that the spirit of California’s only emperor found that it could not proceed on into the Great Hearafter. No, over the course of the next few days days it instead began getting more and more solid, until Joshua was once again fully flesh and blood. Of course, he wasn’t flesh and blood like we are, but the soul of the city and the City made human.

The first thing Joshua realized was that he didn’t look exactly as he had at the time of his death. He was younger, fitter and much better looking. The next thing he realized was that there was another San Francisco overlaying the one most people could see and interact with. There were homes, shops and even an Imperial Palace. The population of this other city was only a couple of hundred people, but that would change. He liked this new place very much and soon found that the Secret Citizens of San Francisco had been waiting for him to show up.

Over the decades, the spirits of many native San Franciscans have been reborn into Secret San Francisco, including a big surge in population after the 1906 earthquake and fire. Most of them live only in the City, but some, like his Imperial Highness, can walk in both worlds. There are even some ordinary humans who can enter the Secret City and interact with the Secret Citizens, because that’s how both San Franciscos roll. Even some non-San Franciscans can do it. Even some non-Californians! Emperor Norton tolerates this at his pleasure, but once in awhile he is forced to banish someone. Often, this is for calling The City by that foulest of epithets, “Frisco”.

His Imperial Highness exerts a powerful protective presence over the city and the City, but oddly tolerates quite a bit of crime because “we must have the salty with the sweet”. 

In his spare time, Emperor Norton enjoys the symphony, walking around the city/City, Giants games, eating various ethnic foods, buying candy to hand out to children and giving the poor, the homeless and stray dogs a helping hand.


Immortal (4 dice) As long as San Francisco exists, so will His Highness. (Eternally young)

Citywise (4 dice) He can enter and leave the City at will, find any place in it and even invite or banish people (prominent Y shaped scars on both thumbs)

Charming (3 dice) As befits an emperor and the spirit of San Francisco, he is totally charming and easy to like. (has a totally winning smile)


Spirit of the City (3 dice) Being tied to the city has its downside. When the city hurts, so does he. Earthquakes are especially painful. (looks ill when there are large fires or other disasters) 

The Doclopedia #590

WaRPed Characters: Special Agent Roscoe, FBI

FBI Agent & Paranormal Investigator

Medium sized mutant Basset Hound/Beagle mix, 7 years old, 50 pounds, reddish brown & white coat, brown eyes, long ears (right one has a small bullet hole in it), does not wear a collar

Agent Roscoe is one of two non-human agents assigned to the Special X Unit of the FBI, working out of the San Francisco office. His duties usually involve reconnaissance, tracking and surveillance, but he also has extensive knowledge in the fields of cryptozoology and animal behavior. He became an FBI agent at age 18 months and joined the X Unit shortly after his second birthday. He loves his job and has been decorated twice for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Although he has some telekinetic power, Roscoe only uses it in times of great peril, since the use of it leaves him very tired. Lacking opposable thumbs, Roscoe does not carry a gun. However, if needs be, he can administer a very painful bite thanks to his very sharp teeth. Like other mutant canines, Roscoe can talk. In fact, besides English and Canine, he is fluent in Spanish, Cat, French, Russian, Rodent and Japanese.

While not fearless, Agent Roscoe is very brave. He also has a very strong sense of loyalty and a hatred of those who oppress the weak. He’s also not very fond of vampires.

Yes, he has full color vision, just like a human.

In his spare time, Agent Roscoe enjoys Asian food, chasing bitches, reggae music, reading pulp magazine reprints and napping.


Incredible Senses (4 dice) Roscoe has superior senses of smell, taste and hearing. (He’s a dog)

Inconspicuous (3 dice) Roscoe can go many places where a human would be noticed right away. (He’s a dog)

Stamina (3 dice) Both bassets and beagles have great stamina when tracking their prey. Roscoe has even more because he’s a mutant, too (He’s a dog)


Non-humanoid Form (3 dice) While being a dog has many advantages, it does have some severe drawbacks. The most notable would be no hands/thumbs. (He’s a dog)


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