Half The Price, Twice The Fun

…we’re losing money, but who cares?


The Doclopedia #591

WaRPed Characters: Nicodemus Splatch

New York City Bicycle Messenger

Young man of indeterminate ethnicity and national origin, age 26, 170 pounds, 5’11″ tall, good looking, short black hair, brown eyes, small scar under left eye.

Nico, as his friends call him, is a good natured young fellow who works for the Bikes Away Messenger Service. Well liked by just about everyone, Nico is known all over town, since his job takes him to just about every corner of the city.

When he’s not working, Nico picks up extra cash by repairing and customizing bicycles. He lives with his girlfriend, Rita, and at least 3 cats.

In his spare time, Nico enjoys going out to the clubs, dancing, watching soccer matches and playing video games.

What Nico doesn’t know is that he was raised in a laboratory until he was 7 years old. He is the product of extensive genetic engineering to create a new type of human being that can survive in a more polluted world. Thus, Nico is very close to immune from most common pollutants, especially those that are carcinogens. He is under close observation be scientists and has blood samples drawn while he sleeps by Rita, whom the government has informed about Nico’s real status.


World Class Bicyclist (3 dice) It wouldn’t take too much effort for Nico to become either a bicycle racer or a stunt biker. (great endurance and reflexes)

Very Healthy (3 dice) All that biking around keeps him in great condition. So does his resistance to pollution (very fit and lean)

Limited Precognition (2 dice) Sometimes, Nico gets “feelings” that can cause him to change his near term plans. The scientists who made him know nothing of this. (known to be a lucky guy)


Fear of Heights (3 dice) Nico has a definite fear of high places and will avoid them as much as possible. (gets nervous above the second floor)

Distrust of Doctors (2 dice) For reasons he cannot explain, Nico does not trust or like doctors, scientists or anybody wearing a lab coat. (hasn’t seen a doctor or dentist in years)

The Doclopedia #591

WaRPed Characters: Maryellen Baxter

Mystical Craftsperson

Caucasian woman, age 30, 145 pounds, 5’5″, average looks, short brown hair, brown eyes.

Maryellen is a native San Franciscan who lives with her husband, David, and their three children in a large Victorian home in the Marina District. Although she once worked as a bank teller, she now stays home in order to keep house and raise the kids. Maryellen enjoys a variety of crafts, from scrapbooking to beading to her favorite, making masks out of polymer modeling compound.

Oddly enough, these masks can confer strange abilities to those who wear them. X ray vision, limited mind control, a sonic shout attack…all of these and more have been attributed to her masks. Naturally enough, this has made Maryellen very popular with the denizens of Secret San Francisco.

Once a month, Maryellen has coffee with her craft shop owning friend, Maxine, and gives her a half dozen or so masks on consignment. Maxine usually sells all of them in a matter of days, often for as much as $1,000.00 per mask. Oddly, Maryellen is immune to the effects of her masks as well as any other mystical artifact.

Maryellen is aware of her masks powers and of the existence of Secret San Francisco, but she doesn’t let either affect her duties as a mom and wife. She does sometimes go into the City to look for ideas for masks or to visit her cousin Audrey, who is a mutant.

The money she makes off her masks goes straight into the kids “college money account”. She figures that she is about five years away from starting a “retire and travel account”. David is very much a supporter of this idea.

In her spare time, Maryellen enjoys shopping at thrift stores, watching Animal Planet, sewing and playing “Cheerleader and Football Player” with her husband.


Mystical Crafting Powers (3 dice) She can craft beautiful masks with strange powers. (falls into a light trance when mask making)

Citywise (2 dice) She can find entrances to places within or leading into Secret San Francisco. (has a small Y shaped scar on her left thumb)

Mystically Immune (2 dice) Maryellen cannot use, or be affected by, most mystical things, including her own masks. (Never has anything “really strange” happen to her)


Diabetic (3 dice) She has diabetes and uses insulin to control it. (always carries her monitor with her and uses it regularly)


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