Never Talk Smack To A Water Buffalo

…trust me on this one


The Doclopedia #595

A New Breed Of Dog: Martian Greyhound

When humans settled Mars in the early 1980s, they took dogs with them. Over the generations, the humans slowly changed to adapt to the lower gravity and other environmental forces and so did the dogs. One of the best examples of this is the Martian Greyhound. Below is the Breed Description from the Martian Kennel Club as of 2095.

The Martian Greyhound looks like a larger and leaner version of the classic Terran Greyhound to the casual observer, but closer observation will reveal the many adaptations that have been made for life on Mars.”

First among these is the short, but doubled coat that the breed needs for dealing with the cooler Martian climate. This coat can come in white or white and gray. Next you’ll notice the large and thickly padded feet, that aid in running on the often rocky surface that is often still found inside the domes. The nostrils are larger, to allow more air into the lungs. Finally, the breed has larger eyes in order to see better in the dimmer Martian light.”

Martian Greyhounds are friendly and loving dogs who enjoy being around people and generally get along well with other dogs. Their desire to chase is very strong and as such they are often the bane of any cat they see. Their ability to run for miles makes them very popular as bicycling companions”

The Doclopedia #596

A New Breed Of Dog: Greenwood Terrier

Among the Elves of the Greenwood, perhaps the most common breed of dog is the Greenwood Terrier, a breed adapted from various other terriers, but altered by the Elves to suit their needs. The Greenwood Terrier, unlike other terriers, does not hunt animals that live in burrows. It does, however, use it’s natural digging power to hunt various tubers, roots and subsurface fungi that the Elves use for food and medicine.

These terriers generally stand no more than 15 inches tall at the shoulders and seldom weigh more than 40 pounds. They have medium sized upright ears, blue eyes and a long nose. Their front paws are larger than the hind paws and have long heavy nails, all the better for digging. The coat is wiry and runs from light gray to dark brown. The tail is long, thick and carried upright.

Greenwood Terriers are very smart dogs and can easily learn and remember 100 commands. They are very loyal to their families, but a bit standoffish with strangers. Relations with other dogs are cordial most of the time.


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