Adventure Module K-3: Lair Of The Giant Vole

…compatible with Dungeons & Rodents 4th edition

The Doclopedia #597

A New Breed Of Dog: Japanese Ghost Dog

No, these are not ghostly dogs, but instead are small dogs trained to sense the presence of ghosts and other spirits and then bark to both wake the family and scare the ghosts away.

The average Ghost Dog stands ten inches tall and weighs 20 pounds. Their coats are long and always a mix of white and red. They have upright ears, large bright eyes and an overall foxy appearance, not unlike the Shiba Inu, but with a straight tail. Their bark is very loud for their size.

Ghost Dogs are not lap dogs and don’t sit still for too long at a time. They have good dispositions to most humans and dogs, but they never like cats. Ghost Fogs are very fast on their feet and will chase a fleeing ghost for over a mile. They are very light sleepers

The Japanese used Ghost Dogs when they bred the much larger and more famous Kaiju Hounds that patrol the Japanese coastline.

The Doclopedia #598

A New Breed Of Dog: German Kinderhund

In the mid 1800’s, several enterprising German dog breeders got together to develop a breed of dog that could herd children. No more would parents have to walk their kids to or from school or watch them when they played outside. The dogs would do it for them!

The German Kinderhund was developed using the German Shepherd Dog, the Doberman and the Border Collie. The resulting dog was large, medium coated and very smart. The natural herding instinct of the Shepherd and the Border Collie made them easy to train and the no nonsense attitude of the Doberman made them able to handle even they most hyperactive kid. Kinderhunds work very well as teams and four of them can easily herd 50 kids.

On average, Kinderhunds weigh about 100 pounds and have a lean and muscular body. Their eyes, which are often blue, but can be brown or green, are very intense. You can see the dog thinking in those eyes.

The ears are semi upright and the tail is long and carried straight. Most Kinderhunds stand about 3 feet tall. Coat color is black, brown and white. Both males and females are equally good as herders, although males are usually larger.

When not herding children, Kinderhunds are loving family dogs with an excellent protective instinct. They get along well with most other animals, but tend to get a bit annoyed by little yappy dogs.

The Doclopedia #599

A New Breed Of Dog: California Dog

When His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Norton I assumed rulership of California, Nevada, Arizona and most of Western Mexico in 1836, one of his first Imperial Proclamations was that “the Empire should have as it’s mascot a breed of dog that exemplifies all that is great about it”. Twenty years later (during which time the Empire had expanded to include Oregon, Washington and Idaho), the first California Dog was presented to him.

California dogs are roughly the size and build of a Labrador Retriever, but have a somewhat longer double coat that only comes in a beautiful golden color. This coat can protect them from both cold and heat, due to it’s insulating properties.

Their eyes are likewise golden and their ears are semi upright. They generally weigh between 100 and 130 pounds and are quite intelligent. They are friendly and brave and are used for everything from hunting to guiding the blind. They love children and get along will all other animals.

Killing or abusing any dog in the Empire is an Imperial Offense and will get you 20 years of hard labor. If the dog is a California Dog, the sentence is doubled.


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