Greedy Moose Infuriated My Albino Lungfish

…we had to pour him a stiff drink


CatCon4: Day 7 We wake up to the sound of music…breakfast riots occur…swag is gotten and plots hatched…dogs & cats race together…more food is eaten, sans rioting…a fine party is attended

Since this entire town is wired up for every sort of electronic communication you can imagine, the ConCom woke up damn near everybody in town up by playing the Star Trek Next Generation theme song as done by meowing cats.

Flash: On the one paw, that was cool, but on the other hand, I nearly fell off of Mom’s chest when it started up.

Lucy: I woke up thinking that the Cat Uprising had begun!

Winker: I thought the room was full of Space Kitties!

Abby: I slept through it.

It drifted in through our slightly open (so pets can use the small balcony yard to do their biz) balcony door at 8 AM. Since Grace and I were both hungry, we got up and got ready for breakfast. Once calls were made to various and sundry friends, we and the critters headed out to “Waffles From Outer Space”, which we really enjoyed last year, not the least because it has Bacon & Butter Flavored Syrup.

Flash: Also, they make Fish Pancakes (catfish, in this case) for cats!

Lucy & Winker: They make beef stew for dogs!

Abby: For non-carnivores, they make cornbread with veggies in it, placed on a kudzu salad.

Well, it would seem that a whole lot of people liked it, because the place now has about 4 times the seating it had last year, including pet seating and a kids play area. It was the pets and kids that started the riot just about the time I was digging into my country fried steak, gravy, two scrambled eggs and 2 huge eggnog waffles.

One moment, everything was cool, but the next thing we knew, kids and dogs and cats and goats and pigs and birds and ducks and a whole menagerie of other animals were running hither and yon and screaming and barking and meowing and such. There did not appear to be any violence, fear or animosity involved, it was just some sort of instant happiness explosion that lasted about 5 minutes and pretty much left the place in great disarray. Unlike some of the folks, I had no trouble rounding up my pets. A simple “Fooooooddddd Fooooorrrr Doooooggggssss!!!! in a booming voice did the trick.

Flash: It was really cool! We were just all going nuts!

Lucy: We were having fun!

Winker: It’s called a flash mob, which is a pretty appropriate name for sudden unthinking mayhem, if you ask me. Of course, this one was truly spontaneous, since none of us had cell phones.

Flash: Say what?

Abby: Sometimes Winky is a bit strange.

Lucy: You get used to it.

After breakfast was over and everyone was stuffed, we strolled over to the convention center to grab our badges & swag. Badges this year looked like police badges (except for the pet badges, which looked like Old West sheriff stars on a day glo collar) and the con book looked like a “true crime” pulp magazine. Swag in the bag included…

A t-shirt…a convention only comic book featuring the adventures of Cat Boy and Dog Girl…a commemorative D20 (each side had a number and a critter)…a coupon book for dealers at the con and various businesses around town…a fist full of game company fliers…a pair of miniatures from the new war game “World War IV”…a countdown poster for DogCon 5 and a hologram postcard. If you were a pet, your bag held treats, treats, more treats and a brush.

Flash: Mmmm…they have excellent treats here.

Lucy: Yeah, I love those dog brownies.

Abby: We herbivores get alfalfa cubes and dried fruit.

Winker: And after we eat all of our stuff, we can get brushed so we look beautiful. Except Flash, who will always look like a little scalawag.

Flash: That’s MISTER Scalawag!

I must speed this post up, because I’m heading out to the Pre-Con Party in a few minutes, so here are the highlights.

1: While in the fast moving badge/swag line, we chatted with a great many friends. Made plans for several get togethers and games. We also met plenty of pets.

Winker: Yay! Nibbler is here!

2: Entered Flash & Lucy in the big Charity Dog & Cat Race. This had the cats riding the dogs, which Flash & Lucy do pretty often anyway. Bets are placed and all proceeds go to local animal shelters. The winners get food prizes and a free deluxe grooming. The race is an obstacle course 500 winding feet long. The dog chases a fake rabbit over, under and though obstacles. The cat hangs on and tries not to fall off.

Since Lucy is only part basset hound, but is much more some longer legged sort of hound…and Flash is the smallest adult cat you’ll ever see…they were heavily favored in the odds. When the gun went off, they were in third place pretty quickly…BUT, the lead dog lost his cat about ¼ of the way through when he went through a long tube.

Flash: Yeah, he scraped that snotty little American Shorthair right off! Hahaha!

By the halfway point. Lucy and a smallish pitbull were neck in neck. Then they hit the pond and the pitbull ran into it while Lucy took a flying dive and pulled ahead by 6 feet.

Flash: Yeah, that pond…not fun!

Lucy: Damn, that pitbull was fast!

After that, it was Team Cross all the way. We were all very proud of Flash & Lucy. Later, they ate more food than your average lion.

Lucy: Beef stew…for dogs!

Flash: Tuna cakes! TUNA CAKES!!!

3: Lunch was Chinese, dinner was barbecue pizza. In between, there were various baked goods and ice cream consumed. We also found out that starting right after the con ends this year, the whole town of Critter City is going to be covered in a huge dome, which will be finished by the start of next years con. Cool!

Abby: If by “cool” you mean no more humid Texas heat, I’m for it.

Flash: Yeah, I’m down with that.

4: The theme of the Pre-Con Party is “Me and My Sock Puppet”. Everybody is going to get a sock puppet that they must wear AND converse part of the time through. In my opinion, this beats the Playing Doctor theme from a past party.

And now I’m off to said party, accompanied by many of my traveling companions. More bloggage will surely occur sometime soon.

Flash: Meanwhile, we critters will just hang out in the Pet Lounge and play Dungeons & Dogs.



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