The Rare And Beautiful And Highly Carnivorous Giant Pink Gophers Of Potawango Island

…they’re like huge pink underground sharks!


The Doclopedia #610

Classified Ads From Around The Multiverse: Wanted

Power Armor: I am a girl looking for Diana class power armor. I do not care if it is made by the Ryoshi Company or Mitsuhara Industries. There are aliens and robots to fight, so help me out! Contact Mishu at: warriorgirl/

Sword Of Robot Dinosaur Slaying: I really need one of these ASAP. Can pay up to $5,000.00 and if it does added damage versus a Red Rex, I’ll toss in two horses and a virgin. Send message via Pixie Express to: Waltar Cybereye in New Billings, Montana Sector.

Acme Rocket Skates: In good working order, size 12 EE. Could also use an Acme High Volume Glue Gun. Contact: W. Coyote, second cave on the left, Southwest Desert, USA.




 The Doclopedia #611

 Classified Ads From Around The Multiverse: Announcements

Be it known that I, The Atomic Clown, will start terrorizing Los Angeles on or about July 6th, 1997 at around 11 am. When you see me and my gang, run and hide, kiddies, or risk getting a face full of Clown Gas.

Cap’n MacDougal, aka Black Mac, is a scurvy goat buggering son of a trollop and his crew is a bilge load of sissyboys who couldn’t take a merchant ship if it were run aground and guarded only by French cheesemakers. So says I, Cap’n James Slaughter aka The Shark.

Looking for information leading to the arrest of the clever criminals who stole my robot. They are undoubtedly skilled pros, since there was no evidence that they were even in my lab when my loyal robot, Isaac, went missing. Big reward upon their arrest! Professor Ellison, 1290 Lucas Road.


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