The Not At All Naughty, But Still Unsafe For Work, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Sausage Machine

…co-starring her pet quagga, Maynard

This theme is dedicated to all of the D&D players & dungeon masters out there who have spent hours looting dungeons & killing monsters.

The Doclopedia #616

The Dungeon Of…: The Fungus God

There are four levels to this dungeon and all of them are warm, dark and humid, a situation that the Fungus Creatures find just about perfect for living in. On the fourth level, they have even built a shrine to their living God. To appease him, they raid the surface world at night for all manner of tasty edibles that he might enjoy, including humans and other races.

The first level of this dungeon/cave system is the remains of an ancient dungeon system built by barbarian kings a thousand years ago. It is now used as a lair by several kinds of monsters, including many types of slimes & jellies.

The second level is about one third man made and two thirds natural cavern. There are even more slimes and jellies here, along with oozes, molds (including the dreaded Mold Rats) and ambulatory fungi.

The third level is larger that the first two put together and is the home of the Fungus Creatures, a grouping that includes Mushroom People, Fungoid Trolls, Spore Screamers and a few Slime Orcs. They are constantly on the look out for intruders.

The fourth level, as stated above, contains a shrine to the Fungus God, as well as his living chamber and areas for his priests. His throne is a pile of bones and the belongings of many thousands of people. He enjoys visitors, whom he likes to refer to as “food”. So far, no intruder has managed to kill him.


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