The 35 Things You Do NOT Want To Ask Your Grandmother

…#1: Tell me about your sex life, Grandma.


The Doclopedia #620

The Dungeon Of…: The Ice Dwarves

Located under the Everfrost Mountains, this huge (3X5 miles) two level dungeon is cold. Really cold. Like, always below freezing cold. It is also the kingdom of the Ice Dwarves, a surly and dangerous bunch who can cause freezing damage with just a touch.

Most of their kingdom (and most of the best loot) is on the second level. The first level is home to Ice Worms, Frost Giants, White Dragons, Snow Walkers, Cold Slimes and Ice Zombies, among others. Footing is slippery at best and good luck finding anything to burn. Crevasses are common and very deep.

The big prize that all dungeon delvers are after is the Great Ice Diamond that sits atop the castle of the Ice Dwarf King. It is roughly the size of a large watermelon and would easily buy 4-5 kingdoms back up on the surface world. The pedestal it sits upon is made from the frozen corpses of people who have tried to steal it.


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