I Was A Half-Orc Druid For The FBI

…a true tale


The Doclopedia #623

New Breeds Of Cat: Dwarf Portuguese Jungle Cat

The Dwarf Portuguese Jungle Cat is among the rarest of breeds. In fact, there is so far only one specimen known, a male named Flash. If he is indicative of the species, then we can assume that they are tiny, cute and unrepentant scalawags.

The DPJC weighs in at only 6 pounds, has short hair that is striped exactly like that of a tiger and has large green eyes. The ears are somewhat rounded, adding to the tigerish look. These cats are very playful and get along well with most dogs, but they are never to be trusted around rodents, rabbits or any bird smaller than a goose. When angered, the DPJC will fight with amazing ferocity.

The DPJC has also shown the ability to eat huge quantities of food of all sorts. Shortly thereafter, they fall into a very deep food coma, during which one can handle them or even bathe them without waking them.

The DPJC is also a cat that likes the ladies. They will attempt to mate with females many times their size, often quite successfully.


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