Spanking The Monkey Is NOT A Form Of Primate Corporal Punishment!

…well, ok, maybe if you have a really kinky monkey.

The Doclopedia #624

New Breeds Of Cat: Riding Cat

On Earth 128, a fantasy based world, there are no humans and one of the most advanced kingdoms is made up of anthropomorphic rodents. These creatures, who call themselves The Folk, are still only the standard size for their species, so they need a riding beast that is appropriately sized. The answer: Riding Cats.

Riding Cats are slightly larger than our house cats, are much more mellow and are not as smart. This makes them excellent as mounts for The Folk. As with our horses, they vary in size and body conformation. There are large Riding Cats for pulling carts and smaller, sleek & speedy riding cats for racing or just getting around quickly.

Most Riding Cats have medium length hair, which comes in all colors and patterns common to cats. You might wonder what these cats eat, with rodents off the menu. The answer is that they eat the meat of goats, pigs, cattle, chickens and other livestock & poultry. Fish is also on the menu frequently. They will also eat insects and vegetables.

The majority of riding cats are quite gentle, but there are a few (mostly younger toms) who can never be trained. These young broncos are used as breeding stock and often produce outstanding racers.




The Doclopedia #625

New Breeds Of Cat: Puffer Cat

Thanks to genetic modification, those of us living in the mid 21st century now have access to some very unique pets. Animals like the Snake Dog, the KangaRat and the Parrot Pig are beloved pets in many homes. Now, GenetiPet introduces their latest creation: the Puffer Cat!

Using DNA from puffer fish and other species, the Puffer Cat looks like an ordinary small cat, but when frightened, will inflate itself into a round ball to scare away predators. After a few moments, they deflate and look perfectly normal.

Puffer Cats weigh in at just 9 pounds and come with short or long coats in the following colors: Brown, Grey, Orange, White and Silver. They are a somewhat stocky breed and are not as athletic as many other breeds. They are generally extremely healthy. They come out of our breeding facility already spayed or neutered and with all of their initial shots.

Pre-order your Puffer Cat now and GenetiPet will include a free cat bed and bag of Fishalicious Cat Chow.




The Doclopedia #626

New Breeds Of Cat: Ghost Cat

Another great new cat breed from GenetiPet! These variations on the Persian are genetically modified to glow in the dark! Yes, folks, these all white kitties give off a soft green glow in the dark. Makes cleaning up cat hair a breeze, too! Just turn off the lights and start vacuuming!

Aside from the glowing and a less vocal habit, these are pretty much standard white Persian cats, with all of that breeds lovability. Playful, intelligent, curious…they will make a great companion for you and your children!

Order your Ghost Cat today and you’ll get at no extra charge our Bag O’ Cat Toys and a grooming brush! As with all of our cats & dogs, these are shipped spayed/neutered and will all initial shots.


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