Try Not To Think About The Face Eating Spider Rats

…you thought about them, didn’t you?


The Doclopedia #627

New Breeds Of Cat: American Shorthair Tiny Cats

On an Earth where magic is extremely rare, but not unheard of, a powerful Mage who also happened to be a Crazy Cat Lady lay dying. Her final spell was to make her 36 American Shorthair Cats so cute that the authorities would not place them in a kill shelter. She cast the spell, smiled at the results, called 911 to come to her house, then died.

When the emergency team got there, they could do nothing for her, but they pretty much fell in love with 36 tiny full grown cats they found sitting quietly around the body of the old Mage. Each of the cats measured about a foot long, including their tails, weighed about a pound. They were sweet tempered, playful and very friendly. Each of the EMTs, cops, firemen and reporters there took home a couple. Not a single cat went unadopted that night.

Today, the American Shorthair Tiny Cat is far and away the most popular cat on that Earth. Owning one is like having a permanent kitten and the food costs for 4 of them is less than the cost for one normal sized cat. Also, you can easily make a litter box out of an old pie tin.

The ASTC has other advantages over a larger cat. They are very healthy and can live up to 30 years. They get along very well with all other animals and do not seem to want to kill your parakeets or hamsters. Most of them are quite easy to train and can learn many tricks.

The ASTC comes in a huge variety of colors and coat patterns. Eye color is always either green or blue.




The Doclopedia #628

New Breeds Of Cat: Smart Cats

On the Changed Earth, where magic and magical beings have returned, many species of animals are Smart, which means they are sentient and at least as smart as humans. By law and Wizard Decree, they have all of the rights and privileges as any other sentient being.

Smart Cats are second in population only to Smart Dogs. They look like any sort of normal cat, but can converse telepathically with other sentients and with non sentient normal animals. Their behavior is a mix of cat and human.

A few Smart Cats have opted to “go anthro”, meaning that they ask a Wizard to give them an anthropomorphic body. Such bodies are covered with very fine coats of fur in the color and pattern the Smart Cat originally had. The face is not furry and the head hair is, at least at first, long and silky. Females only have two breasts. Ears are cat style atop the head. All cat people have tails.

Regardless of the age of the Smart Cat, they always start their new Anthro life as a 13 year old cat person. Some Smart Animal philosophers think that is because cats never really stop being teenagers.

It should be pointed out that Smart Cats go anthro at a rate far above any other Smart Animal. There are no dog people at all.




The Doclopedia #629

New Breeds Of Cat: Prehensile Tailed Burmese

Developed by breeders in England, the Prehensile Tailed Burmese is in all respects a normal Burmese Cat until you get to that tail. Twice as long as a normal tail, it can grasp things and manipulate them almost as well as a hand. Owners are advised to lock cabinet/refrigerator doors and secure breakables. In homes with dogs, especially larger dogs, the PTB has been known to work in tandem with the dogs to get at edibles.

They can and do use the tail to climb things and seem to enjoy just hanging by them, especially if this will drive small yappy dogs crazy. When out on a leash with their humans, the tail is often wrapped around the leash.

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