Adventure Module E-2: Valley Of The Swineosaurs

…including a dangerous encounter with a Tyrannoporkus


The Doclopedia #630

New Breeds Of Cat: MultiCat!

Nobody has the slightest idea where MultiCat! came from. The best scientific theory that he came from some alternate dimension is just as valid as the ones that say he’s magical or a gift from (insert your favorite deity here) or he’s a product of a Secret Government Experiment or that he’s an alien. Whatever the case, MultiCat! has been here for 5 years and shows no sign of leaving.

Describing MultiCat! is difficult because he keeps changing the way he looks, but we do know that he never weighs less than 10 pounds or more than 40. Everything about him can change, so long as he has the basic form of a cat. The only real constants are his purple eyes and his black collar with MULTICAT! Spelled out in yellow letters.

We do know that, while he often acts like a normal cat, he can understand all human languages and has problem solving skills that are at least human genius level. He has never tried to communicate anything complex to any human, but he has done many great things. Some examples…

While in a blue and green tabby cat form, he lead NASA scientists to a potentially fatal flaw in the cooling system of the new Space Plane.

In a form that looked like a very large Siamese with four dorsal tentacles, he saved an orphanage full of Chinese children from a flood.

He lead a group of botanists to the rare plants that were later grown in the laboratory and used to manufacture a cure for AIDS. He had the form of a very small cat with two very long prehensile tails.

Using a form that had human style hands and an erect walking posture, he assassinated several dictators and terrorist over the course of a month.

MultiCat! Whatever would we do without him?



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