The Journal Of The Royal Society Of Saucy Ladies

…about whom Lord Hendrix wrote a song, though he changed “saucy” to “foxy”

The Doclopedia #634

Stairway To…: Atlantis

From the notebook of Zimwalt the Astounding:

Failure yet again. This time, the stairway was made of silver and crystal and curved upward for 500 steps before ending at a door of purest silver. Surely this was a stairway and door such as one might find in heaven!

But it was not Heaven on the other side of the door, although I say in all truth that heaven could not hold many more wonders than did this place. As I found out soon, I was on the continent of Atlantis.

I had appeared in the courtyard of what the Atlanteans told me was the Great University of Science, their most prestigious school of higher learning. It was a beautiful place, that courtyard, with trees, exquisite sculptures, comfortable benches and wonderfully complex fountains that cooled the air.

My first conversation was with a young student, who quickly hustled me over to an area where many older men and women sat. Introductions were made and I explained my situation. The teachers, for that is what they were, became very excited about the fact that I was a practitioner of magic and bade me cast a few spells.

I cast several, starting with a simple Sphere of Light and finishing off with a summoned water elemental who proceeded to frolic among the fountains. My hosts were mightily impressed and told me so. I replied that I was equally eager to hear about their technology. Thus began several hours of discussion, during which we rode in a sort of flying vehicle and they showed me their truly wondrous accomplishments.

At the point where I knew I had not much time left there, the Master Scientist, a fine fellow named Brekka, asked me if I might aid them on building a machine that could tap into the powerful magic that Atlantis seemed to hold deep underground (most likely the remains of a great gathering of dragons in the far past). I told them I would be delighted and we went to the great building that housed what they called the Electromagical Siphon and Redistributor.

It was a huge and hugely complex device, but as far as I could follow their science, seemed to be based upon a sound theory. I reached into the minds of the engineers and got all of the information I needed, then cast a Spell of Completed Work upon the machine. In minutes, it was finished. Then, to “prime the pump” as it were, I established a direct channel of magical energy between the machine and the great mass of power below Atlantis. And then the machine started pumping raw magical energy into the air. It was, for me at least, a rather intoxicating experience.

Just before I popped out of there, I warned Brekka that they should not draw too much energy too quickly, lest there be some chance of earthquakes. While he nodded his agreement, I’m not sure he really heard me, so enraptured was he at this successful moment.

A few seconds later, I was back in my home. In a few days, I must leave for the Conference of Wizards in far off Jinhai, a land of many delights. It will be at least two months before I can attempt another go at the Stairway To Heaven, but attempt it I shall.

Some day, I really ought to try and get back to Atlantis, to see how that machine worked out for them.


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