Basset Hounds VS Pie!

…Basset Hounds 1, Pie 0


The Doclopedia #647

All Bottled Up: Energy Drink

As I’ve already explained in some detail to this officer, I am Professor Chetwin and that poor fellow is Professor Lindemuller and our bottle of Liquid Electricity has been stolen! Yes, Liquid Electricity! We’ve been working on it for the last three years in our laboratory. You see, electricity will soon replace steam as a power source and even now the Germans, the French and even the bloody Americans are ahead of us on that front, no thanks to the Steam Society opposing anything to do with electrical research.

At any rate, we had finally filled a specially lined champagne bottle with pure Liquified Electricity and were preparing our papers for presentation to the Royal Academy when we decided to go celebrate with a fine meal. We left my home around seven and were back right about eight thirty. Upon entering the laboratory, we surprised two young men in the process of ransacking it. We went at them and I cracked one of them hard across the ribs with my walking stick. Unfortunately, the other was able to cosh Professor Lindemuller over the head with a wooden test tube rack, knocking him unconscious and badly cutting his scalp, as you can see. They then pushed me down and ran out the rear door, taking the bottle with them.

Inspector, you must find that bottle! Were it to be opened, people could be killed and valuable scientific research would be lost. Drink it? You think they might? Why, I have no idea what it might do, although sudden explosive death is the first thing that comes to mind.

Whatever the case, Inspector, that bottle must be found! The fate of England depends upon it!