Miniature Robot Fighter Fujiku

…yet another fake anime titls


The Doclopedia #653

Warning Labels: Zom-B-Gone

WARNING: Zom-B-Gone is formulated for protection against zombies and other forms of the walking dead. Do not use for protection against living creatures, especially dinosaurs. Avoid getting Zom-B-Gone on your skin or in your eyes. Should this happen, shower immediately using BioKleen soap. Ingestion of Zom-B-Gone could result in death, then reanimation. Zom-B-Gone should be re-applied every 30 days, or sooner in areas with heavy rainfall. In very dry areas, Zom-B-Gone can last as long as 90 days between applications.

It is important to remember that Zom-B-Gone has been known to act as an attractant and aphrodisiac for certain types of dinosaurs, including Carnotaurs, Spinosaurs, Megaraptors and Tyrannosaurs. If you live in an areas frequented by such species, we suggest adding a minefield beyond your zone of zombie repellent.



The Doclopedia #654

Warning Labels: Death Duck

WARNING: Death Duck is programmed to fight the Insidious Chicken Threat and should never be used for any other purpose. To do so risks causing Death Duck to go insane and begin killing randomly. It is also a violation of the trust of Our Beloved Leader, The Great Drake.

Before activating Death Duck, get the exact location of the Filthy Chicken Scum and a reasonable estimate of their numbers. Outfit Death Duck with appropriate weaponry and ammunition. When activating Death Duck, be at least 90 feet away from him and behind a blast shield. Do not emerge until Death Duck is at least 500 yards away.

When Death Duck returns from a mission, immediately initiate the Cleansing & Repair Mode, so as to was him clean of the remains of the Unholy Chicken Traitors. When that is finished, return Death Duck to his holding rack. Failure to follow these steps could result in death.


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