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The Doclopedia #656

Dangerous Animals!: Kittens!

Oh sure, Citizen, a kitten may look cute, but they are very dangerous. Every year, upwards of 5,000 people are killed and eaten by roving prides of kittens! They usually send out one member of the pride, the alpha male, to look cute and playful and sweet. Uninformed Citizens then ooh and aww and try to pet them. In a flash, the kitten bites onto their hand with its razor sharp teeth. Moments later, the rest of the pride, which can number as high as 60, attack with fang and claw. The pain is excruciating and death from blood loss is quick. However, even before the victim is dead, the hungry kittens begin to feast.

Kittens: Don’t Let The Cuteness Kill You!


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