The Amazing Spider-Mom

…Marvel should buy that one from me.


The Doclopedia #663

Assorted Quick Book Reviews: Fifty Shades Of Potter

Ok, so you are either going to love or hate this one. It’s your basic Harry Potter BDSM slashfic, but taken up a few notches in both quality and kink. Few sexual stones are left unturned and, what with the magical & fantasy elements, several new ones are created for Harry & Co. to turn over. I don’t care how jaded or prudish you are, at some point, your naughty parts WILL tingle.

A couple of warnings are in order. First off, those of you in the BDSM community who think a Sub is a Sub and a Dom is a Dom may not like that all of the main characters in this book are Switches. Yes, everybody gets a chance at seeing how the other half lives. In some instances, this just seems contrived. In others (Hermione, Snape & Luna), it seems logical.

The other warning? This is not a stand alone novel. Many unanswered questions (as well as the crazy sales) mean that there will be a sequel


One comment on “The Amazing Spider-Mom

  1. Switch Witch!

    Which witch with a birch switch is gonna swat a spell on me?

    Bedknobs and Broomsticks…first tie, then fly…

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