We Still Like Monkeys, Even When They Act Stupid

…or eat all our fruit.


The Doclopedia #664

Assorted Quick Book Reviews: Indiana Jones And The Man Of Bronze

If you are a fan of Indy, Doc or pulp era stories in general, you’ve already read this. If you are just somebody who likes a cracking good adventure, you’ll want to read it.

Set in 1933, the story starts out with Indy at an archaeological conference in Paris where he meets old friend and mentor William Harper “Johnny” Littlejohn. In short order, they are on the track of thieves who have stolen several very unusual artifacts found in South Africa. When people around them start encountering “the man who walks in darkness” and then dying horribly, they call in Doc and the rest of the crew. From there, it’s pretty much nonstop action, with a couple of brief romantic interludes between Indy and Pat Savage. The identity of the evil villain behind everything will surprise you.

So, go read this book and then wait for the eventual sequel and movie.



The Doclopedia #665

Assorted Quick Book Reviews: Batman: Gotham Animated

There are Batman graphic novels and then there are Batman graphic novels, but in the long and often strange history of them, this is one of the strangest…and funniest.

It all starts out very dark and violent with the Joker & Batman battling it out in a high tech physics area of Wayne Enterprises. Since he’s about to get his clock cleaned, the Joker activates a quantum physics doodad and opens a portal to another dimension, out of which pour animated cartoon characters that we all know and love because in some stroke of genius, DC Comics got the ok from Warner Bros., Disney, Amblin Entertainment and many other cartoon makers to use said characters.

Then we get to page 5. Yeah, that’s right, all of the above takes place in the first four pages. Then we fast forward a couple of days later and for the next 51 pages, it’s all about those toons becoming heroes, villains or just messing around in Gotham City with Batman and darned near his entire Rogues Gallery trying pretty much unsuccessfully to deal with them. There are some huge laughs in that, especially a conversation near the end between Batman and the Joker where they long for the good old just plain deadly days.

Highly recommended.


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