The Blue Turkey Tango

…nothing like the Whiskey Foxtrot Tango


The Doclopedia #666

 Assorted Quick Book Reviews: I’ll Be Damned: My Life As The Real Prince Of Darkness

You’d think that when Satan himself finally writes his autobiography, it would be pretty interesting. You’d be wrong. Oh sure, there are some juicy tidbits here and there (Not So Spoiler: many politicians were/are on a first name basis with Old Scratch) and some interesting background stuff (he loves pro sports and hates roleplaying games), but most of this book is either whining & bitching or ranting against God and mortals. Really, in places, it’s a real Daddy Issues fest. Also: Satan, we get it, you hate us mortals and are SO much better than all the archangels. BORING! Don’t buy this book until it hits the “free ebook” level, which ought to be in about a month.


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