A Jar Full Of Madness

…now in the new one gallon size


The Doclopedia #669

Two Characters In Search Of An Adventure: Sir Vincent & Rabbit

Sir Vincent of Mobardy is a knight without a king to serve or even a homeland to live in. All of that was lost when the Beast Wizards came out of the west and conquered every civilized land between the Twisting River and the Great Ocean.

Not that Sir Vincent didn’t try to stop them, because he did. He lead many warriors into battle and killed great numbers of the enemy, but in the end, a well thrown bolo took him off his horse and into the hands of those he fought. Rather than kill him, they threw him into a foul prison to await the great Feast of Victory, at which he and the other prisoners would be on the menu.

Rabbit, named Rabinna Vaccisse at birth, was a poor and moderately honest mage and burglar whose only crime was not getting out of the city of Jordoon before the Beast Wizards conquered it. She was tossed into the prison with the assurance that one so young and tender would only be eaten by nobility. Oddly, this did nothing to comfort her.

Life in the prison was brutal, so Rabbit chose to partner up with the only man there who seemed too tough for anyone to mess with: Sir Vincent. He protected her and she used her stealth and skills to search for an escape route. Mere hours before the Feast of Victory, she found it.

The escape from the prison was terrifying, filthy and disgusting. It was followed by days of running and hiding until the two companions reached a seaside village, abandoned for months, and found a boat. After loading it with provisions and water, they set to sea, which lead to many more weeks of danger and hardship until they were picked up by a merchant ship.

Now, half a world away, the noble and muscular knight and the somewhat less noble and rather petite mage-thief seek employment, adventure and, just perhaps, a means to free their homeland.



The Doclopedia #670

Two Characters In Search Of An Adventure: RITO-9943 & GOXI-3110

RITO & GOXI are two of the uncommon, but not unheard of, Independent Robotic Lifeforms of Hutrad 4, a planet which was once home to many billions of IRLs, but is now the swampy prison/haven of the Py’Klyk Swarm.

With no homeworld to go to, RITO & GOXI, are more or less space bums, traveling from planet to planet by working on everything from luxury liners to transport ships to small smuggler craft. Unlike many IRLs, RITO & GOXI are not overly encumbered by issues of morality. More to the point, they are thieves, con men and general ne’er do wells. So far, they aren’t wanted for anything but small local crimes, but really, it’s only a matter of time.

Lately, the two buddies have been dreaming of some big score pulled off on one of the Inner Systems. Something lucrative that would be remembered for years by criminals everywhere, yet pulled off so as to not get them jailed and allow a nice retirement on some pleasure planet. They are slowly putting together a crew of skilled grifters and thieves to put their plan into play. Once they have everyone they need, the game is on, baby.


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