It’s My Party And I’ll Hulk Out If I Want To

…it does tend to stop the party


The Doclopedia #673

Two Characters In Search Of An Adventure: Agent Red & Agent Green

Simply put, Roger St. George AKA “Agent Red” and Leticia Partington AKA “Agent Green” are the two best secret agents the British Empire has. Both are well educated in several fields and have been trained to near physical perfection. They are equipped with the best cutting edge gadgets, all the better to defend the Empire and Europe against the evil machinations of the American Federation.

Although few know it, it was Agents Red & Green who stopped the crazed Doctor Muerte from attacking British West Africa with his army of Living Zombies. Likewise, they were involved in the mysterious destruction of submarine base in Boston Harbor and the resulting capture of the criminal mastermind, Joseph Kennedy.

Now, in 1934, the American Federation is preparing to put mighty armies on the move. Will they strike at Asia or Europe or perhaps both? Whatever they do, Agents Red & Green will be there, operating behind the lines, to help keep the Free World free!



The Doclopedia #674

Two Characters In Search Of An Adventure: Ingirik & Zerd

Ingirik is an Orc. Zerd is a Goblin. Once, they were draftees into the Army of the Terror Lord, but they ran off and joined the side of the Five Peoples after the first big battle. They provided excellent intel and fought bravely. When the war was over, they were decorated and given full citizenship in the Five Nations. This didn’t come with any money, however, aside from a bit of mustering out pay.

As former warriors are wont to do, they decided to take up dungeon delving as a profession. At first, they just hit a few easy, low profit dungeons in order to get a small bankroll. Once they had enough money, they both enrolled in Mage School. There, they learned several useful spells, including Healing, Create Water, Create Food and the always useful Lightning Blast. Once they left school, they did a few more delves to get some sweet armor and weapons.

Now ready for something a bit more challenging, they are off to the ravaged lands that the Terror Lord came from. They know that there is still a good deal of undiscovered loot to be found there. Joined by a few other seasoned delvers, they figure they’ll soon be kicking monster ass and taking their stuff.