Extra! Extra! Man Bites Cat! Dog Laughs!

man & dog both in critical condition


The Doclopedia #675

Two Characters In Search Of An Adventure: Posey Dogrider & Lifkin Maker

By the standards of the Tiny Folk of Mitchell, South Dakota, Posey Dogrider and Lifkin Maker are crazy. Instead of settling down to a nice life living off the discarded items of the Big Folk, these two young people are determined to live a life of adventure. Even worse, they want to do it over a thousand miles away in California!

It all started years ago, when a very young Posey and Lifkin heard the tales of Badiban Storyteller when he came to town. They were thrilled by his tales of adventure and exotic locales like Lolo, Montana and Bend, Oregon and especially Fresno, California. They talked about these stories for weeks after Badiban left and they eventually made a pact to someday visit such places and have their own adventures.

As the years passed, they grew into young adulthood, fell in love and got married. All of the other Tiny Folk hoped that would put an end to their crazy ideas about adventures, but had exactly the opposite effect. Posey started training an orphaned Pitbull puppy she named Hansi and Lifkin started making all sorts of gadgets that would help them on their long journey.

Tomorrow, the two will climb aboard Hansi, who is now 18 months old and weighs 75 pounds, and head southwest, towards Fresno and adventure!



The Doclopedia #676

Two Characters In Search Of An Adventure: Captain Silver Eye & Ironfoot Filkins

Many decades ago, Captain Oliver Bartomeus and his First Mate Thomas Filkins were leaders of the most feared pirate crew on the Seven Seas. Their reputation grew to the point where merchant ships would just surrender and give up their booty without a shot being fired.

Which, as you might imagine, pretty much took the fun right out of pirating.

Rich and bored, the two men became landlubbers, buying adjoining estates in North Carolina and then marrying and raising families over the course of the next 50 years. It was a good life, but as old age took over, they began to have long talks about how maybe they left piracy too soon. After all, there were other areas of the world they had not terrorized, treasure they had not taken, rum they had not drunk and wenches they had not bedded. Both agreed that they would give everything they had to be young and on the high seas again.

Which is most likely why the Sea Witch came to visit them with an offer.

It was simple: Leave their old lives behind and start new ones as young men on a fine and fast ship with 48 guns and a crew of the most dangerous bastards ever to sail the seas. All it would cost was every penny they had and a couple of body parts.

Oliver and Tom didn’t have to think twice about it.

Now, sporting a fancy eyeball made from a sliver spoon and an iron foot cast from the remains of an old cannon, Captain Silver Eye & Ironfoot Filkins and their crew are ready to raise hell on the deep blue sea and God help anyone who tries to stop them!