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The Doclopedia #692

What’s In A Name?: Poison Cola

It turns out that the name of this product was 100% accurate. It was a canned/bottled soda with the words “Poison Cola”, “100% Deadly”, “Do Not Drink This!” and many other warnings prominently displayed on the container. The ingredients list even had “Arsenic” as the main ingredient!

Putting this deadly poisonous beverage in stores all over the United States & Canada was the idea of Doctor Madness, the famous supervillain. He wanted to see how stupid people were, even when they had multiple warnings.

300,742 people died. Many others were pissed off that they could not get Poison Cola after seeing the advertisements for it.



The Doclopedia #693

What’s In A Name?: The Great Dragon Paul

When you think of dragons…huge, fire breathing dragons…you think of names like Smaug or Vermithrax or Tiamat. You don’t think of the name “Paul” because it’s, well, not very “dragony”. More, “suburban humany”, when you think about it. Still, it was his mother’s favorite name, as she was a big Beatles fan, so he kept it.

While his name was not very intimidating, Paul himself was. Measuring 198 feet from nose to tail tip and with a 240 foot wingspan, he never failed to scare the hell out of all of the chuckling adventurers who thought it would be easy to slay a dragon named Paul. Then he’d eat them.


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