Chapter 83: In Which Our Hero, In League With The Pirates, Raids A Church Owned Ship And Rescues Many Cats.

…including the King of the Cats

With these 4 entries, I now have fewer Doclopedia entries left to reach 500 for the year (Jan. 29 to Jan. 29), than I have days left to do them in. YAY!!!!

The Doclopedia #733

What’s That Sound?: BANGbang! BONGbong! Bangbangbang! Bongbongbong!

If there is any sound more annoying than Bonger Dwarves having a battle with Banger Dwarves, we don’t know what it is. These two tribes of ugly little people divided up centuries ago when part of the tribe started using pot lids to bang together as they went into battle. The traditionalist gong bongers hated that, so they sent the bangers packing. Ever since then, they have their bloodless but noisy and annoying battles several times a year.



The Doclopedia #734

What’s That Sound?: Pok…pok…pokpokpokpokpokpokpok!

That would be the sound of a Fofo Tree releasing the seeds from the large seed pods that hang from its branches. These seeds will later be eaten by many creatures, but most notably by the Tiny Ground Dragon, a 3 foot long flightless relative of the Large Forest Dragon. These small dragons will later excrete the seeds in their dung, thereby giving a new Fofo Tree a chance at life.



The Doclopedia #735

What’s That Sound?: Clumpclumpclump…CRAASSSHH!!!…AIIEEEEE!!!

You dungeon delvers will recognioze that as the sound of a burly barbarian doing a running kick to bust open a door in a dungeon, only to find that the door is trapped with a hollow core filled with acid. Later, the thief of the party, who should have been allowed to check for traps, will start referring to the barbarian as “Gimpy”.



The Doclopedia #736

What’s That Sound?: Doink…doink…doink…WOOSSSHHH!!!

Ah yes…the sound of drops of water hitting a bit of treasure just before the wall gives way and releases the contents of the underground lake that the Nazis did not know was there, but the heroic explorer/archaeologist did, which is why he grabbed the girl and started running up an escape tunnel that the Nazis also didn’t know was there.


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