Hypnotic Arugula Seduced My Patty Pan Squash

…now I’ve got a garden full of little patty pan arugulas.


The Doclopedia #742

Cool Hats: The Stetson of Spells

If you are a modern mage, you know that it’s damned hard to hold more that half a dozen spells at a time in your mind. This can be seriously bad if you find yourself in a situation where an extra spell or two would save your life.

Well, if you are very lucky, you might just find this good looking cowboy hat. Or it might find you, we aren’t 100% sure how it works. At any rate, if you wear this hat, you can have up to twenty extra spells at your disposal, plus the mana needed to cast them! How cool is that?

You’ll also find that the hat is nearly impervious to harm and never gets dirty. Rumors that the hat can communicate via telepathy with the wearer, and is in fact a genius, have never been proven.



The Doclopedia #743

Cool Hats: The Propeller Beanie Of Dimensional Travel

If you are a geek of any sort, you can wear and use this yellow and green beanie to travel to other dimensions. These dimensions will all be familiar, since they are dimensions where magic works or humans have gone out into the stars or giant kaiju destroy Japan every other week or superheroes & supervillains do the same thing to New York City.

This probably sounds like fun, right? Unfortunately, you can’t choose the world you go to and you must stary in each world at least 6 hours. You also don’t get any cool powers, although you can use devices found in the particular world. No, these devices will not travel home or to the next dimension with you.


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