Doc Tempest And The Monster Dog

…from the February, 1962 issue

The Doclopedia #747

Alt. Most Wanted: Greydon “Mugs” Malone

Malone is wanted for armed robbery, burglary, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, murder, trafficking in drugs & stolen goods and smuggling. He is armed and very dangerous.

Malone is 6’2” tall, weighs 230 pounds, has short brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin covered in mutant blotches of brown and gray. His mutant ability is extreme stealth coupled with superhuman toughness. He often travels in large luxury cars with his girlfriend, Leticia Huerta, and his cousin, Harold “Snakey” Malone, another mutant.

Do not try to apprehend any of these people, but do immediately report them to local law enforcement or the FBI Mutant Hotline.



The Doclopedia #748

Alt. Most Wanted: Smuldoff The Slayer

Be it known that at this time, the Council of Kings & Queens do hereby place a reward on the head of that villain and half Orc bastard known as Smuldoff the Slayer. Said reward will be a basket of gold equal to the weight of the claimant, sans clothing, armor & weapons. Claimant may present the intact body or the identifiable head of Smuldoff as proof. All citizens, regardless of standing, may claim this reward.

Smuldoff the Slayer and his band of thugs were last seen pillaging the coastal village of Druby-On-The- Sea, but are now thought to be somewhere in the Blackwood. It should be noted that Smuldoff is of late being aided by the Wizard Restovel and possibly the Dark Cleric known as Sister Sazik. Rewards for either of them shall be twice again the size of the reward for Smuldoff.


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