This Week’s Episode: Gertie Sees Nellie On The Television

…and she was wearing a red dress!


The Doclopedia #756

Unusual Small Towns: Spoonly, North Dakota

Spoonly, North Dakota, was the first small town renovated, enlarged and made famous by the famously off the wall multinational company known as New Think Inc. The stated company goal of New Think Inc was to “Make tons of money, do good and change the way people think about things”. They did all three in spades.

When it came to Spoonly, in 2001, the idea they had was simple: take a dying little prairie town of only 3,000 people and make it into a bigger and better place to live and work. With that in mind, they bought the town and 6,000 acres of farmland around it and built the largest underground living space in the world.

At first, pretty much everyone from the citizens of Spoonly to Wall Street thought NTI had gone mad. Later, when they saw the underground shopping areas, apartment complexes, homes, schools, pools, greenhouse/gardens, factories, parks and electric rail line, they thought it might be not so crazy. When 30,000 people moved into a now weatherproof, floodproof and super-energy efficient Spoonly, most of them now working at the NTI factories there, they decided that the idea had been genius. When 600,000 people came to visit Spoonly the very next summer and see the town for themselves, other towns around the nation started asking NTI to come renovate them.

Now, in 2012, Spoonly has 50,000 residents and gets just over a million visitors a year from all over the world. It also now connects to Mize, Gurtleville and Watkins, three other nearby underground towns, via electric railway.


2 comments on “This Week’s Episode: Gertie Sees Nellie On The Television

  1. Ash says:

    Interesting stuff. Quite freaky! Thanks Doc. Are you the same Doc from ysdc forums?

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