Yellow Goats

…and blue pigs


The Doclopedia #759

Unusual Small Towns: Critter City, Texas

Way back in the early decades of the 20th century, Wilted Springs, Texas, was a famous resort town that brought in people from all over the south and southwest. They would swim in the famous springs, stay at the luxury hotels and generally have a fine summer vacation. Then came the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl and, eventually, World War II and Wilted Springs began to fade away. By the 1960’s, it was just another small Texas town that had seen better days.

Until, sometime in 1997, when some rich young Texans that just happened to be on the board of directors of New Think Inc., got an idea based on the rising trend of people pampering and traveling with their pets. Why not revive Wilted Springs as the “Pet Friendly Resort Capital Of The World”? NTI agreed that this was a good idea, so the company bought the town and started building.

By 2003, the town was home to 7 major hotels, three resorts, an amusement park just for animals, dozens of restaurants, 12 spas for humans & pets, many other shops and 6 pet parks. The town, which had dipped down to a population of 1,409, swelled back up to a population of 21,000. Annual visitors ran to 600,000 most years.

In 2006, a convention center was built and major dog, cat and other animal shows took place there, as did music festivals and other shows. In 2007, The town became the most wired place in America, with free wifi everywhere. There are also many robots roaming the streets and other places, most of them being repair or cleaning bots. The most popular of these are the robots whose job it is to clean up animal poop. These “PoopBots” are all brightly colored and each has a name.

Then, in 2008, two things happened that jumped Wilted Springs up a notch: NTI decided to build a dome over the whole town and those rich young Texans hosted a pet friendly gaming/science fiction convention called DogCon (but called CatCon on alternate years).

The first DogCon was a big success with over 10,000 human attendees. By DogCon5 in 2012, attendance was 26,253 and the convention was booked for each August until 2028. It is estimated that the convention brings in over 6 million dollars to the local economy.

In 2011, the town officially changed it’s name to Critter City.

The Dome was finished in 2012 and NTI began putting even more high tech goodies into Critter City. This includes 25% of the police force, who are robots, the dome cleaning crew (men & women in high tech glass cleaning gear and new all electric Smart Taxis.

The temperature inside Critter City is always a low humidity 75 degrees. Rain falls early in the morning on scheduled days.


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