Why Yes, I Have Met That Friendly Reefer Man.

…decades ago. He was fun.


The Doclopedia #770

Readers Secret Identities: Justin, The Smuggler   (Justin Mohareb)

Justin was a geek. Comic books, roleplaying games, science fiction, pulp magazines…he loved it all. Unfortunately, Justin and his geek buddies were all Canadian geeks, which meant that they had to pay a Value Added Tax on all the games, comics and such that came in from south of the border in the United States. This only served to empty their geek pockets faster than they would like, so Justin came up with an idea.

Working feverishly for days in his basement laboratory, he built a very large robotic moose. It looked absolutely real, but you could open the torso and stash upwards of 250 pounds of stuff inside. Stuff like games and dice and Blu Ray discs and model spacecraft and…all things geeky!

After programming the RoboMoose to go to a specific spot in Minnesota, Justin flew to the US and bought several thousands of dollars worth of geek stuff at “Special Back Door Prices” that he worked out with various companies who didn’t mind making a non taxable buck. Which, by the way, was all of them.

Justin trucked all of the stuff to a house in rural Minnesota where his friend Joe was more than willing to guard the stuff and load up the moose when it came around for a pick up. All Joe asked was that the moose bring him a few cases of Canadian beer.

Now several years later, Justin has a fleet of RoboMoose crossing the border from the USA. Canadian geeks get their fix at a cheap price and Justin is rolling in money. In fact, he has expanded his geek goodie smuggling to almost all the other continents via the use of RoboWhales, RoboDolphins and many assorted RoboLand Animals. Oddly, he has found that many folks worldwide also want Canadian products like back bacon, microwavable poutine and hockey jerseys. Justin is happy to help them out.


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