Doc Tempest VS The Ghost Pirates

…from the July, 1957 issue


The Doclopedia #779

Scoundrels & Scalawags: Captain Squawky

Captain Squawky is a mutant African Grey parrot who somehow absorbed the intellect of Captain Josiah Wilks…better known as Captain Satan, the most evil pirate ever to set sail.

Captain Satan and Squawky were sailin’ mates from a very early age, until that fateful day that the other Captains of the Brotherhood turned on him and poisoned his rum. Unfortunately for the Brotherhood, at the moment that Captain Satan died, his mind was transferred into Squawky. He was a bit disoriented for a few hours, but then he revealed to his ill educated and very superstitious crew what had happened. The crew was both awed and terrified.

The bird then proceeded to tell the crew how to get a bloody and terrible revenge on the traitors. This pretty much involved burning the entire town of Port Yarr to the ground while everybody else was sleeping off a celebratory binge. They then sank all of the other ships in the harbor and sailed away.

From then on, the crew decided that they’d better do as Captain Squawky said and let him run the ship, lest he summon the Devil himself to drag them all to Hell. And that’s how the most feared pirate ship ever came to be captained by a parrot upon whom the rulers of England, Spain, France and 5 other countries have placed a huge reward.

Captain Squawky laughs at their reward as he eats another peanut and looks for another merchant ship to loot.

In his spare time, Captain Squawky enjoys drinking rum, eating peanuts and overseeing floggings.



The Doclopedia #780

Scoundrels & Scalawags: Captain Korgar

Several generations ago, a colony of Klangoons lost contact with/were abandoned by the homeworld. Nobody knows for sure, but given that this colony was stocked mostly with malcontents and the (according to the Klangoon viewpoint) mentally ill, it’s a pretty safe bet that they were cut loose. Whatever the case, it didn’t take long for the old ways of warrior honor to be forgotten and a new, more survival oriented and ruthless society to emerge.

Captain Korgar was able to get hold of a starship when a group of Ferunghi traders made the mistake of stopping by the colony. After “persuading” the Ferunghi to teach him and his friends how to operate the ship, he slaughtered half of them. This caused the remaining Ferunghi to see the light and swear allegiance to Korgar. Soon, the “Razor Claw” and her crew were the terror of the space lanes.

Korgar has been very successful as a pirate and the colony back home has benefited from it. They now have planetary defenses that can easily hold off any “reclamation” efforts by the Klangoon homeworld. Meanwhile, The “Razor Claw”. Her captain and her crew are wanted by the Klangoons, the Confederation, the Rombuloids, the Carvasians and 10 other interstellar governments,

Captain Korgar stands 6’9″ tall, dresses in black leather with red accents, has many scars all over his body and carries two very sharp axes as weapons.

In his spare time, Korgar enjoys drinking, carousing, amassing wealth and feeding bits of his enemies to his pet geeloth (a big two headed furry snake).


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