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The Doclopedia #793

New Products For Geeks: Steampunk Crunch

If you’re a fan of steampunk, you’ll love new Steampunk Crunch! It has tasty oat & rice cereal in the shape of gears with delicious berry flavored goggles, ray guns, top hats and airships! Sweetened with real honey and packed with vitamins, it’s the breakfast of choice for Retro-Victorian Heroes, Villains and Mad Geniuses!

Plus: The Adventures of the Queen’s Special X Team on the back of each box!

Kids: Save the proof of purchase seals so you can redeem them for genuine leather top hats or bustiers!



The Doclopedia #794

New Products For Geeks: Lovecraft Lite Beer

New from the Providence Brewing Company, the folks who brought you Squamous Stout, Whateley Wheat Beer and Azathoth Ale, it’s Lovecraft Lite, the low calorie, less filling beer! You’ll enjoy Lovecraft Lite any time, be it late at night when you are poring over cursed texts, or after lunch as you ponder the dark fate of humankind. It’s light, refreshing and brewed almost entirely from natural ingredients.

Lovecraft Lite: For when the stars are right!”


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