The Adventure Of The Cornwall Creeper

…as told by Dr. John H. Watson, MD


The Doclopedia #808

My Evil Twin: La Strega (Diane Russom Harrison)

Nobody knows for sure why La Strega is spying on Diane, but she insists that “that bitch” is, in fact, watching her every move. Actually, nobody in Diane’s family has ever even seen La Strega, even with the very detailed descriptions that Diane provides them with. Several family members and friends have googled the name, but came up empty handed. Most people who know Diane are thinking she might need some medication and a nice long rest.

Which is exactly how La Strega has been planning it. Once she knows Diane has gone off to the Happy Home, she can set her plot for world domination into motion. For some reason, she is convinced that Diane, her Good Twin, is the only person who can stop her reign of terror before it starts. Some of La Strega’s minions think she could use a little medication herself.

Unknown to La Strega, Diane has found out about both the world domination plan and her family & friends thoughts on her mental health. She has vowed to stop the former in order to set right the latter! Even now, she is developing a plan so cunning you could use it to slice a pie. The only problem is, will La Strega find out about it? And so, the mental chess match begins!



The Doclopedia #809

My Evil Twin: Skippy (Kerry Kilburn)

It’s not like Kerry tries to be a pushover, it’s just that she wants to believe the best about everybody. She just knows that her friend Alice will return those very expensive shoes that Kerry never even got a chance to wear yet. She’s also quite certain that Uncle Hank will pay back that $3,000.00 she lent him back in 2004. He’s just been having a hard time finding work, what with his bad back and all. And she really doesn’t mind that most of her family comes over to eat at her house 3-4 times a week.

Skippy, on the other hand, thinks Kerry is a softhearted dummy. She would have told Alice to buy her own damned shoes, beat that three grand out of Uncle Lazyass Drunk back about 2006 and told her family to go make her a few 5 star meals before she’d cook for them again. Skippy doesn’t take crap from anybody. She constantly calls Kerry and tells her to grow a set and get tough, but Kerry always wusses out. One of these days, Skippy might just have to slap her around.

Meanwhile, over at Kerry’s house, he brother Waldo is asking to borrow her new car, since his is in the shop after his latest accident that wasn’t his fault. If she loans it to him, Skippy is going to have a fit, but Kerry just can’t turn him down.

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  1. Great narrative! I remember friends way back when saying they would step in and take care of anyone who tried to take advantage of me . . . bless their hearts!

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