Would You Care For A Feel Good Cookie?

…and maybe a glass of happy milk?


The Doclopedia #824

Weights & Measures: 8,471 Miles

Yes, folks, 8,471 miles is the length of the Mysterious Yellow Stripe thay appeared during the night in Canada, the United States & Mexico. This meandering strip of what appears to be paint of some sort, starts in Northern Alberta and makes it’s way about a third of the way into Mexico. The 6 foot wide stripe mostly, but not always, follows roads and bridges. As far as we have found, it is unbroken the entirity of it’s length.

Attempts to remove the stripe have been unsuccessful, since it will release a large electrical shock. The Armies of all three countries are investigating this strange phenomenon.



The Doclopedia #825

Weights & Measures: 1 Liter

This is how much poison Professor Von Lichter extracted from the poison glands of the prehistoric serpent that emerged from a mine shaft in Wales last month. Once the monster snake had been killed by the Army, the eminent German herpetologist was called in to examine it. He has since announced that is was of a species not seen on our world in 87 million years and was from the interior world of Kelludon. The Prime Minister has ordered that the mine be collapsed using explosives, so as to prevent other interior world creatures from reaching the surface.

In related news, Professor Clive Clonius has taken samples from the serpent for use in his “cellular regeneration” experiments.



The Doclopedia #826

Weights & Measures: 1 Cubic Foot

Is the size of the chunk of gold that Doc Tempest recieves every year from the Motombo tribe in Africa. This gold is taken from ancient mines and is given to Doc as thanks for his great grandfather warning the tribe about the Europeans who would soon come to rob and enslave them. Armed with that knowledge and modern weapons, the Motombo tribe rallied many other African peoples to resist the Europeans, which they did with great success.

The gold is used by the Tempest Foundation to fund many humanitarian projects.


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