The Great San Diego Barbecue Explosion Of 1978

… doofus + too much charcoal lighter + lid on kettle grill = BOOM!

The Doclopedia #832

Random Tables In Search Of An RPG: Annoying Animal List

1: Yappy Fox

2: Horny Buffalo

3: Insane Cat

4: Flatulent Horse

5: Inquisitive Hippo

6: Excitable Dog

7: Itchy Lion

8: Insecure Gorilla

9: Paranoid Cow

10: Ornery Goose

11: Helpful Porcupine

12: Needy Tiger

13: Jumpy Elephant

14: Chatterbox Parrot

15: Butt Sniffing Wolverine

16: Easily Offended Baboon

17: Lonely Skunk

18: OCD Goat

19: Incontinent Zebra

20: Hyperactive Pig



The Doclopedia #833

Random Tables In Search Of An RPG: Potentially Important Clues List

1: Four fingered handprint

2: A trail of underwear

3: A half finished glass of yak milk

4: An unlocked chastity bely

5: Uneaten chocolate chip cookies

6: Spilled beer

7: An ornithopter

8: Scattered dirty socks

9: An unfinishjed letter to “Larry”

10: The stereo is still warm

11: Fingerprints on the dildo

12: A glass ear

13: Footprints on the ceiling

14: A letter from “Mrs. Fromsky”

15: An empty bag of redwood mulch

16: A plate of half eated artichokes

17: A matchbook from the Cobalt Club

18: A dog who did not bark or really give much of a rat’s ass about the whole affair

19: Mud on the gloves

20: A suspicious kettle of fish



The Doclopedia #834

Random Tables In Search Of An RPG: Moment Of Decision List

1: Cake or Pie?

2: Sex or Free Beer?

3: Fight or Flight?

4: Witty Repartee or Punch ‘Em In The Face?

5: Horse or Mule?

6: Swords or Sorcery?

7: Red Wire or White Wire?

8: Truth Serum or a Red Hot Poker?

9: Hamburger or Hotdog?

10: Money or Sex?

11: Weasels or Snakes?

12: Shotgun or Chainsaw?

13: Blond, Brunette or Redhead?

14: Shaken or Stirred?

15: Jump Off or Turn And Fight?

16: Radioactive Spider or Gamma Rays?

17: Dog or Cat?

18: Deep Dish or Thin Crust?

19: Modified Ebola Virus or Modified Bird Flu?

20: Revolver or Automatic?

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