Lester Fenwick, Super Plumber!

…faster than a speeding hair clog!


Once again, we end one theme and go right into the next!


The Doclopedia #835

Random Tables In Search Of An RPG: Cool Sounding Weapons List

1: The Sword of Mighty Power

2: +3 Shotgun of Zombie Slaying

3: Bullwhip of Strangling

4: The Battle Axe of Hurk, the Giant Slayer

5: The Pistol of God

6: The Sword of Icy Doom

7: The Spear of Density (not misspelled)

8: +4 Baseball Bat of Crotch Crunching

9: Dagger of Blinding

10: Submachine Gun of Demon Exploding

11: The Almighty Katana of the Super Samurai

12: The Sharp Stick of Dragon Slaying

13: +3 Derringer of Accuracy

14: Club of Decapitation

15: The Ultimate Particle Beam Pistol

16: The Hammer of Face Removal

17: +3 Extended Range Sniper Rifle

18: The Arrows of High Voltage Shocking

19: +4 Mace of Spleen Crushing

20: Cutlass of Extraordinary Sharpness



The Doclopedia #836

Special Cases: The Healing Book Case

This rather old looking oak book case measures 7 feet tall by 4 feet wide by 1 foot deep. Any books placed in it and left there for at least 3 days will be in perfect new condition when they are removed, no matter how old the book was when placed upon a shelf. This works on magazines, comic books, pamphlets and ancient scrolls, too.



The Doclopedia #837

Special Cases: The Briefcase Of Holding

This expensive looking leather briefcase has an interior capacity of 4 cubic feet, making it a dream for carry on baggage. It is also totally sealed once shut and can only be opened by a person who knows the password. On top of all that, the exterior is self healing from scuffs, tears or dents.



The Doclopedia #838

Special Cases: The Incredible CD Case

When your friends tease you about not having gone from CDs tp MP3s, take a blank CD, put it in this case and in 1 minute, take out a great bit of music that never existed in our world. See if they laugh at “Jimi Hendrix Live At Royal Albert Hall 1996” or The Beatles “Purple Album” or Kurt Cobain’s 5th solo album. The case looks like it is made of green plastic, but is in fact almost indestructible.


One comment on “Lester Fenwick, Super Plumber!

  1. zotmeister says:

    Ooh! Does the Healing Book Case work on playing cards? I could really use that. – ZM

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