Doc Tempest: Dungeons & Doomsday

…from the November, 1986 issue


The Doclopedia #844

Special Cases: The DVD/Blu Ray Case Of Great Movies


This most wonderful case will hold a single DVD or Blu Ray disc. The case is completely black and made of something that feels like glass, but cannot be scratched or broken. If you put a bad movie…some real thumbs way down loser…in this case overnight, when you take it out and play it, it will be the same movie, only much better. Slap an Ed Wood flick in this case and it comes out looking like it was remade by Martin Scorsese. Bad romantic comedy? Presto, it’s a screwball romcom directed by Howard Hawks or George Cukor. The cast remains the same and so does the story, but the movie is just done right. Science fiction movies made on a shoestring budget come out as though they were big budget extravaganzas.


If you end up with this case, be aware that all the big studios want it and will do anything to get it. Sadly, they are unaware that the discs that come out of this case cannot be copied.



The Doclopedia #844

Special Cases: The Book Case Of Completeness


Our final special case is yet another marvelous book case, this one made of mahogany and measuring 7 feet tall by 3 feet wide by 12 inches deep. If you are a collector of a certain author, or perhaps of a certain series, this is the case for you. If you are missing any books in a series or by a single author, just put the books you do have into this case, then go away for an hour or so. When you come back, your collection will be complete! Unfortunately, this will not work for comic books or magazines.


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