Deceptive Lobsters Bilked My Shrimp

…they bilked them out of a million clams


The Doclopedia #848

Fandom Across The Multiverse: Fans Of “The Incredible Dr. Monster”


The very low budget ($2,000.00) horror movie “The Incredible Dr. Monster” should have vanished from the public mind about ten seconds ofter it came out on the drive in circuit back in 1966, Should have, but didn’t. No, it actually made a pretty great profit ($80,000.00), no doubt because it was unintentionally hilarious and written, acted in, produced and directed (among many other jobs) by the 12 year old Smart brothers, Rennie and Johnny, who were starring on the hit tv series, “My Goofy Dad”. A year later, they released a sequel, “Dr. Monster’s Monster”, which had a much larger budget ($20,000.00) and also made a very nice profit ($102,000.00). Over the next 4 years, there were two more sequels, “Dr. Monster Returns From The Dead” and “Dr. Monster’s Revenge”


As we all know, the Smart brothers went on to become Oscar winning directors & actors who founded the Smart Pictures studio. In 2006, they released all 4 Dr. Monster movies in a collector’s edition with plenty of cool add ons, including a series of new trailers featuring high profile stars in the parts originally done by kid actors.


What really made the Dr. Monster movies a huge fan favorite was the fact that they were sold as part of a package of “Creature Feature” movies to local television stations in 1973. Millions of horror/science fiction fans watched them and loved their wacky coolness. By 1990, Dr. Monster movies & costumes were a fixture at various conventions. Many of the cast members, most of whom had done no further acting, were in big demand for convention appearances. Novels, comics and other Dr. Monster tie ins were made and purchased.


In 2011, Smart Brothers announced that the films would all be remade by kids. The budgets would be $100,000.00 per film and adults would, for the most part be “told to stay the hell away”. Even better, from a fan point of view, there would be an all new fifth movie (title: “Dr. Monster Conquers The World”) made by the team whose movie makes the most money. Fans are awaiting the first film, which will premiere in 2014, with bated breath.



The Doclopedia #849

Fandom Across The Multiverse: Fans Of “Space Journy: The Third Generation”


Not much to say here. Series (based upon an older series) comes out and runs for 8 years…fans love it…ancillary products sell billions of dollars worth…conventions…movies…star gets elected to Presidency of the USA…aliens land, saying they have watched it and loved it…President signs treaties with Planetary Council…Earth enters Golden Age of peace & plenty…fans petition for remake of series.



The Doclopedia #850

Fandom Across The Multiverse: Fans Of “Mary Potter, Girl Wizard”


At first, the huge explosion of Mary Potter fandom was merely amusing to ordinary folks, but then some kids and adults began manifesting magical powers. This grew exponentially among the fans until magic was everywhere.


Now, you can barely go outside without nearly being hit by a kwittich ball or damned owl delivering some wizard mail. People call you a “mirgle” they way we used to talk about retarded people, all “sorry they are so messed up” sounding. Don’t even get me started about the giants and trolls and gnomes and stuff. I mean, a friggin’ dragon took a flaming dump in my mom’s garden the other day! I miss the good old days.


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