Mr. Porkwaffle Attempts To Barbecue A Pig

…this will not end well


The Doclopedia #862

Random Stuff!: The Lost City Of Gorlumek


Saying that the Great Forest of Yurr is dangerous is like saying that water is wet. This huge forest covers nearly two million acres and is home to creatures like noctomorphs, fangbears, kreeloks and greater death apes. Even the plants found there are dangerous, especially the soul fungus and the daggerweed. The weather in the forest ranges from foggy & wet to icy cold with plenty of snow. In all, the Great Forest of Yurr is a place best avoided by sane folk.


And yet, dozens of adventurers willingly enter the forest every year in a possibly suicidal attempt to find the Lost City of Gorlumek.


The city, which we know existed a thousand years ago, before it was destroyed by Dark Magic, once housed over a quarter million people. A high percentage of them were mages & wizards, since Gorlumek was the center for magic for the ancient Fwaan Empire. The production of magical weapons, armor and devices was a booming industry. But, as mentioned above, something went wrong and the city was destroyed and all of the people in it were killed. With Gormulek gone, the Fwaan Empire fell soon after.


Legend says that the city sits in the exact center of the forest, near a river and a lake. Legend does not say what might inhabit the city now, but you can be pretty sure it won’t be very nice.



The Doclopedia #863

Random Stuff!: Luck Muffins


Chef Otto Deedrikson loves to bake muffins and he’s very good at it. His bakery, Muffinopolis, sells 39 kinds of muffins and you’d better get there early, because they sell out fast.


Now, if you know the proper code phrase, Otto will sell you one of his 40th variety of muffin, the Luck Muffin. These taste deliciously different for each person, but you don’t buy them for the taste, you buy them for the good luck you get.


Yes, for 6 hours after you eat one, you will have great luck. Going to the dentist for a check up? Eat a Luck Muffin and you won’t have a single cavity. Got to drive somewhere? No speeding tickets or accidents for you! Going on a date? Prepare for a very good time. Buying a lottery ticket? Well, you know how that will go.


Otto only bakes a dozen Luck Muffins at a time and only does it on Tuesdays & Thursdays. The muffins will stay fresh and full of Luck for up to 24 hours after you buy one.



The Doclopedia #864

Random Stuff!: The Awesome Spider-Bat #100


Dude! That was the issue with art by Jack Ditko and story by Lee Stanz! It not only retold Spider-Bat’s origin in more detail, it was the first time he fought Garbage Man and the Villains Inc. There were guest appearences by Captain Africa, the Incredible What and the Girl Gladiators. Oh, yeah, it also featured the return of Spider-Dog, who is pretty awesome all by himself.


Dude, that comic is worth like, $75,000.00! Man, if we could find one of those, we could buy an entire run of “Fantastic Guy” comics and still buy like, a hundred pizzas!


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