The Dark Bread Rises

…what? It’s a pumpernickel rye!


The Doclopedia #897

Alt. Santa Claus: Santa Clods

On Elemental Earth, all of the sentient species are some sort of Elemental. The most numerous on land are the Earth Elementals and every December, young Earthies eagerly await Crustmas day, the day when Santa Clods comes to deliver presents.

Riding in a huge stone sleigh pulled by eight boulders, Santa Clods is a jolly old fellow made up of equal parts dirt clods and compost. He comes down chimneys (carefully avoiding any Fire Elementals) and leaves the presents under the Crustmas crystals. Of course, he always leaves several nice lumps of coal in the stockings hung on the mantle. Many little Earthies will leave Santa Clods mud pies or clay cookies and a nice glass of muddy water. After a quick snack, Santa Clods is back up the chimney and off on his route with a “HO HO HO”.


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