Handsome Joe Visits Uncle Stanley In France

…or, An American Basset Hound In Paris

The Doclopedia #911

The Alphabet: A

A is for…Auntie Madder

In the Reality of Earth 125, most of the Milky Way galaxy is ruled by the terrifying, yet harmless looking, Auntie Madder and her “Girls & Boys”. Nobody knows where she came from, but when you can cause stars to just wink out or planets to crumble into gravel or entire ecosystems to go bugfuck crazy, your point of origin really doesn’t matter. Auntie Madder tells the various sentient races how to behave and by golly, they obey her. This really chaps the ass of some races who just can’t reconcile a 70 year old looking human woman with awesome godlike power, but they bite their tongues (or whatever) and do what Auntie tells them to do.

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