A Big Day At The Flea Circus

…I love the tiny elephants.

The Doclopedia #914
The Alphabet:  D Is For…

Dream Gun: When the masked crimefighter known as Brother Night went out in the evening to hunt bad guys, his favored weapon was the Dream Gun. Many an evildoer was sent into a blissful dream state after being shot by it, only to snap out of it an hour later behind bars.

The gun itself looked like some sort of science fiction ray gun about the size of a .45 automatic. It was colored silver & blue and fired small bullets that Brother Night said were made of “concentrated dreams”. The police were convinced they were some sort of dope. Whatever they were, they penetrated clothing and even body armor before totally dissolving inside the human body. The Dream Gun had an effective range of about 120 feet and Brother Night was a crack shot.

When Brother Night retired in 1951, he passed the gun onto a new young masked vigilante known as Johnny Sweetdreams, who used it for the next 22 years. Today, the gun is being used by the mutant superhero Dream Girl, who has the power to enter the dreams caused by the Dream Gun.
The Doclopedia #915

The Alphabet: E Is For…

Ed Gomez:  The only thing remarkable about Ed Gomez, of (usually) 51 Maxwell Street, San Diego, California, is that he is always the (relatively) same guy in 136 different realities. Oh sure, sometimes his address changes a bit, as does the name of the city or state, but Ed is always there. Fantasy, steampunk, pulp era, war years, superheroes, modern era, 22nd century, it doesn’t matter. Ed is always there just doing his thing.

In all of those 136 realities, Ed is either a retired or still working gardener. He looks exactly the same, although it seems his age can range from 40 to 70. In most realities, he is married to Dolores, but in a few his wife is Lupe, Janet or Rose. His number of children and grandchildren vary.

Ed is a Hispanic fellow who stands 5’9” tall, weighs about 165 and has short black hair. He usually wears jeans and a blue work shirt.
The Doclopedia #916

The Alphabet: F Is For…


Foooood Foorrrr Dogggssss!:  Of all the sacred things that dogs worship, Foooood Foorrrr Dogggssss! is the most sacred of all. Oh my, how dogs react with joy and excitement when a Mom Unit or a Dad Unit says those most beloved words before placing the food bowls on the floor! The anticipation of it has sent many a dog into spasms of joy.

What exactly makes up Foooood Foorrrr Dogggssss! is not all that important, although Dog Rice, Birthday Burgers and Human Food are rare and wonderful delights.