The Mindbogglingly Convoluted, But Somehow Really Informative, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Charity Treasure Hunt.

…co-starring her favorite teacher, Miss Lena Spozinski


The Doclopedia #922

The Alphabet: L Is For…

Leaving, Nebraska: The small town of Leaving (population 3,209) is located in the west central portion of the state and would appear to any observer to be a typical small farming community. Being quite a way off the beaten path, tourists almost never go there and it has actually been left off state maps a few times. Nothing exciting ever happens there…unless you are a criminal on the run.

Strangely, a fair number of criminals do indeed find their way to Leaving, usually by getting lost at night. None of them ever leave, because the good folks of the town capture them, put them on trial and then drop them down a concealed pit that goes straight to Hell. It’s a speedy and efficient system that has worked well for over 100 years.




The Doclopedia #923

The Alphabet: M Is For…

Myribdis Island: Myribdis is a small volcanic island located in the northern Pacific Ocean, on about the same latitude as Seattle. It lies far out at sea, well away from any ordinary shipping lanes or fishing spots. The island is surrounded by rocky reefs. It has a only a few small beaches and plenty of steep mountains covered in conifers and ferns. The main peak of the island is at the northeast end and is the dormant volcano, Myribdis.

No humans live on the island, but there are deer, wolves, bears, mountain goats and many small mammals & birds. There are no reptiles, but there are several species of amphibians. Seals and sea lions migrate to the island to breed.

While no humans live on the island now, it was once home to a small colony of misfits who left China in 1145. They were lead by a mad genius/cult leader who told them he would take them to a new land where they would rule as gods. The truth was somewhat less dramatic. The colony lasted just over 100 years before a long and very cold winter killed the last of them.

During the time the colony was there, the leader and his most devoted students created several marvelous inventions, some of which would amaze even modern scientists. These are stored in a cave on the lower southern slope of the volcano.




The Doclopedia #924

The Alphabet: N Is For…

Night Of The Ghosts: On January 15, 1971, from 6:14 am until 3:26 am on the 16th, the city of Macon, Georgia was beset by ghosts. Thousands upon thousands of the spirits of the dead appeared all over town and interacted with the living. Most were gentle and non-threatening, but some were pranksters and a few were horrible and mean. There were riots and then churches filled to capacity. No amount of praying stopped the ghosts, and in fact, many of them entered the churches and knelt down to pray.

People saw loved ones, old friends, ancestors, hated enemies and folks they didn’t know from Adam. Hundreds of thousands of photographs were taken, along with hours of videotape, film and sound recording. Over the course of the first few hours, the National Guard had to close all the roads to keep sightseers out. Paranormal experts rushed to get there.

When the ghosts disappeared that night, many people had to be treated for anxiety and related disorders. 195 people committed suicide after meeting dead family & friends. Many had been suspects in those family & friends deaths.

To this day, nobody can explain why this event happened or why it has never happened anywhere else. Macon now holds an annual “Ghost Night”, during which it is estimated the city gets 400,000 visitors and makes upwards of 25 million dollars.