Not In This Issue: Italian Shoes, Kumquats or Hydrothermal Vents

…but we do have quilts

The Doclopedia #926

The Alphabet: P

P is for…Peaches & The Creamettes: These four young ladies (Janet, Katy, Nancy & Dixie) from Atlanta, Georgia, were one of the most popular girl groups of the early 1960s. They first got into the music scene in 1957 when, as sophomores in high school, they got work singing backup for “Guitar” Bill Calhoun on one of his albums. Over the next three years, they worked steadily with such acts as The Charmers, Jackie Hull, Lance Marvel, The Knights of Blues and Doreen Pearl.

In 1960, they were signed to the Gold Moon record label and given the name Peaches & The Creamettes. Their very first single “Johnny Boy”. Went to number two on the charts and got them on many national television shows. This was followed by several more hits over the next three years, including “I’m Waiting For Him”, “Dancing In The Gym”, “Summer Sweetie” and their biggest hit, “Magic Love”.

Like many early 60’s groups, Peaches & The Creamettes fell out of the public eye with the coming of the British Invasion. They broke up the act and either got married or went to college. Dixie got her PhD in Economics and eventually wound up working for the Carter administration. Katy became a veterinarian. Janet was a stay at home mother and Nancy was a working mother with her own catering business.

When the 50s/60s nostalgia craze hit in 1980, the group got back together for a series of shows and a new album, “The Return of Peaches & The Creamettes”. Both they and the album were well received.




The Doclopedia #927

The Alphabet: Q

Q is for…Quilt Woman: The legend of the Quilt Woman is well known throughout the homeless population of Canada. The legend goes that on cold nights, this old and dirty looking woman wanders the streets pushing a shopping cart full of all manner of things. When she sees some poor soul huddled asleep in a doorway or other spot, she pulls a heavy quilt from her cart and covers them with it. Those who have gotten this gift report that the quilts keep you toasty warm on even the coldest nights. They even seem to warm the ground, floor or pavement underneath you. Nobody who has one of these quilts will ever give it away. If one is stolen, it always seems to wind up back with the proper owner within a day or two.

Nobody knows who or what the Quilt Woman is, but she’s not a ghost, because she has been videotaped many times over the years. Attempts by the police to bring her in for questioning her have all been unsuccessful so far. She has yet to even leave fingerprints anywhere. Asking the homeless for help in finding her is pointless, as they will never tell the cops anything about her.


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