Rice Creepies

…another cereal that never made it


The Doclopedia #930

The Alphabet: T

T is for…Tovanite Raiders: On the world of the Circle Sea, the Tovanite Raiders are one of the most feared pirate gangs. Using swift & small, but very tough ships, they attack in swarms of up to a dozen ships. They move towards their intended victims in an intricate pattern while laying down a constant cannon assault.

Once they board a ship, the Tovanites usually kill half the crew and all of the junior officers. This tends to make the survivors pretty docile and allow for the total looting of the ship. If the Raiders are feeling generous, they’ll leave behind a few days worth of food & water.

The Tovanite Raiders sometimes bite off more than they can chew, such as when 30 of their ships went after what appeared to be two large Molodrian merchant vessels, but were in reality a pair of Dintolian “Avenger” class warships in disguise. Only one of the Tovanite ships was left afloat, to give a warning to the rest of their fleet.




The Doclopedia #931

The Alphabet: U

U is for…Unexpected Visitors From Outer Space: This 1961 black & white film was directed by the infamous cheapie filmmaker Harold Foonster. Noted for using slapdash scripts, has been or never will be actors, no budget effects and extensive narration that he did himself, Foonster nonetheless made money. On any given weekend. you would have been hard pressed to find a drive in not showing one of his signature triple features. Later, he sold his entire body of work to television stations at an enormous profit. Unexpected Visitors From Outer Space was the one film of the 67 that Foonster made that was actually pretty good. Today, it is praised by critics and beloved by fans of comedic science fiction movies.

In the film, a family of five aliens land near the small town of Brushy Corners, Texas, and assume human form. They enter the town and pose as distant relatives of old Mrs. Duncan, the town matriarch. From there on, the film is a slapstick romp built around the aliens trying not to be found out, the townsfolk trying to hide the fact that bootlegging is their primary business, a pair of UFO investigators attempting to prove that somebody in town is an alien and various people plotting various things with other people.

At just under two hours long, it is by far Foonster’s longest film. It also had the largest budget of any of them at $75,000.00, much of which was spent of special effects. The film made over three million dollars and the town of Rado, Texas, where it was filmed has an annual festival with showings of the movie and appearances by the actors, many of whom were locals.


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