Chapter 339: In Which Our Hero, Having Just Freed A Small Town From The Turks, Goes Off In Search Of A Sacred Pudding

…the Blessed Pudding of Saint Obie


The Doclopedia #933

The Alphabet: W

W is for…War Ducks!: In the 1980s & 90s, there were few graphic novels as popular as the War Ducks! series. Made up of War Ducks! (1983-1986), War Ducks!: Jungle Hell (1987-1991), War Ducks!: The Big Battle (1992-1994) and War Ducks: Hell Is War (1995-1998), they told the story of Colonel Grogan and D Company as they fought in an alternate World War Two on an Earth where human don’t exist and the supernatural does. The series was noted for a compelling storyline, excellent artwork and memorable characters. In 2003, a War Ducks! Animated movie was released which grossed 650 million dollars. A sequel came out in 2006 that grossed over 575 million. The third in the series is due out in 2010.




The Doclopedia #934

The Alphabet: X

X is for…X Street Station: The X Street light rail/municipal bus station in Sacramento, California, appears to be an ordinary public transport station to most people. Buses pull up on one side and light rail trains pull on the other. It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But like a certain train station in a series of popular novels, if you are in the know, you can step over onto Platform X and get to the buses and trains that service Secret Sacramento.

Like the regular Sacramento, the Secret City is actually Sacramento and a whole bunch of suburbs spread out over an area roughly 40 miles across. About 120,000 beings live in Secret Sacramento, most of them human.

To get to Platform X, you need to walk to the west end of the station and fine the edge of the concrete painted black. This is bordered by a hedge of lemon verbena, but don’t worry about it. Just walk straight on through with a strong mindset towards reaching Platform X and you’ll be okay.


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