The Mystery Of The Innocent Butler

…or was he?

Woohoo! New Doclopedia theme today and it all about Pie! Well, OK, pie and other stuff. But, you know, Pie!

The Doclopedia #943

Pie!: Blueberry Pie

Yes, ma’am, my partner and I was wondering if you’d have any odd jobs we could do in exchange for maybe a bite to eat of that blueberry pie you have coolin’ on the window and lettin’ us sleep down by that creek that cuts through your property. It’s been a dog’s age since we had homemade pie and that there one smells like heaven. We can do all sorts of stuff, ’cause unlike some guys ridin’ the rails, we ain’t got a fear of hard work.

Oh, no, ma’am, Pete don’t talk much anymore. See, when we was comin’ up back in Chigago, we run afoul of bootleggers back in ’26. They come real close to beatin’ us to death before that Shifter fella stopped ’em. Anyway, Pete got his throat hurt and now talkin’ is a chore for him.

Yes, Ma’am, we saw The Shifter right up close. He was tossin’ them bootleggers around like they was ragdolls, laughin’ all the while and tellin’ ’em to go back to their bosses with the word that crime had a new enemy in Chicago and he was it. After they was either dead or run off, he helped me and Pete into a big black car, then took us to a doctor that patched us up no charge and gave us five bucks each to boot! That Shifter fella is aces in my book, I tell ya.

Oh, why, thank you, Ma’am. Here ya go, Pete, warm blueberry pie. Mmmm Mmmm, this is delicious, Ma’am. Now, soon as we finish it, how about we split and stack that wood you got over yonder?”


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