Tricky Monkeys Get All The Cookies

…even the Thin Mints


The Doclopedia #953

Things You Should Not Do: Use The Term “Space Marines”

Right off the bat, there have been spacefaring Marines as part of the military organizations of various advanced civilizations for the last 1.25 billion years. Today (2013, Earth Time) roughly 23,000 species have Space Marines. Any one of them could sue your ass off in TransGalactic Court, unless, of course, your Space Marines are actually Marines in space, which is ok.

If you are a writer of any sort, be aware that roughly 2 trillion other writers have written about Space Marines over the last 1,25 billion years. They’ve written about them in novels, comic books/strips, movies, radio, television, computer games, all other forms of games, holodeck dramas, magical dream potions and somewhere in the neighborhood of 124,000 other forms of media.

In short, don’t EVEN think that you are the first, the last or the best when ir comes to Space Marines. Additionally, you might want to steer clear of Space Morons, Space Maureens, Space Maroons, Space Martinis, Spice Marines or anything else that even remotely sounds like Space Marines.

You might also want to be very careful about anything having to do with hammers of war.


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