The Very Pulp Actiony, Yet Also Quite Girly, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Beast Of The Haunted Hills

…co-starring her pet squid, Morris


The Doclopedia #966

Weights & Measures: 22 Gallons Genre: Spy

The pick up truck that Cheong was stealing had an extra large tank that held 22 gallons of fuel. It also had 4 wheel drive, which they would need to get over the mountains to Shengdu. With any luck, the Magistrate would not know the truck was gone for at least three hours.

It was lucky that he was able to coast the truck downhill all the way to the crossroads. At midnight in this sleepy little backwater town, nobody would hear a thing. Even if they did hear something, there was little chance they would peek outside at what might well be secret Party business.

He stopped at the crossroads and helped Uncle Hong and Mr. Shao load the supplies and the hidden weapons into the truck. Next, they loaded up the women and children. He had Grandmother and little Ang sit up front with him, where it was warm. Once everyone was in place, he started up the truck and headed out of town on the North Road, the least likely road for a group of escapees lead by a spy to use. Five minutes later, the nightly rains came, washing away their tracks.

If they made it all the way to the rendezvous south of Shengdu, he would turn the top secret weapons over to his British friend, then get everyone else onto the submarine. After that, he and the Brit would have a drink together before infiltrating the secret base inside Bright Sun Mountain.




The Doclopedia #967

Weights & Measures: 2 Pints Genre: Horror

Well then, Nick, we’ve had our two pints of courage, so let’s be about it. That manor house isn’t getting any less haunted as we sit here. Grab our bags and we’ll start up the hill, that’s a good fellow.

Yes, it’s a beautiful night. Just look at that big full moon. Reminds me of that time in Scotland that we investigated the Ghost of the Scarred Hill. That was a rousing adventure, sure enough. He bloody near had us backed into the loch before we banished him! Right tough old bugger, he was,

Well, there it is, Radley Manor. Wonderful architecture, don’t you think? Pity the place is so soaked in sin, debauchery and evil. Old Squire Radley was as twisted a person as I’ve ever heard of, and his children and grandchildren weren’t much better. Mark my words, Nick, we’ll be earning our fee tonight.

Now, let’s just assemble that Ectoplasm Reducer that Professor Xanthius built for us. By George, if this works as he said, we’ll make short work of the Hell spawned undead in this place!”


One comment on “The Very Pulp Actiony, Yet Also Quite Girly, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Beast Of The Haunted Hills

  1. averythorne says:

    Hell spawned undead, eh? I’m hooked already.

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